The Animal Show
Written by Jim Lewis and Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Peter Harris

Stinky the Skunk plans on having the shows guest visit his burrow under the studio. However when he discovers that tarantulas are poisonous, he decides not to invite Natasha. Stinkey interviews Morely the Mole in the burrow and they watch the video through a periscope.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing: The Golden Mole
  • Guest: Natasha the Tarantula from the rainforests of Venezuela
  • Baby Talk:
  • Song: "Everybody's digging it"
  • Tizzy's Quiz: which of these animals lives in a burrow ?
  • Yves St. La Roache: how to cook a meal underground
  • Guest: Morely the Mole
  • Song: "Live to Dig and Dig to Live"
  • Animal Awards: the biggest spider
  • Story: The tarantuala and the coati
  • Habitat Time: A cave
  • Tizzy's Quiz: Can moles swim ?
  • Closing


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