The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 3, 2016
Writer Barry Quinn
Director Simon Gibney

Funella receives an exciting phone call, informing her that Chick Swagger, the world's most famous rock-a-doodle rooster is coming to perform at the Furchester today. Funella immediately goes weak in the knees, being a big fan of his. She and Furgus practice the "Tail Feather Shake," Swagger's most famous hit. To prepare for his arrival, Elmo lays down some straw, Furgus repairs the microphone and Phoebe teaches Funella how to welcome Chick in chicken-talk.

The lobby buzzes with fowl fans. Funella receives a call from Chick himself, but she faints before he can communicate any further. The chickens begin to go crazy and Chick still hasn't arrived. It's a catastrophe! Cookie Monster tries to distract them with some chicken feed, which turns out to just be cookie crumbs (which he eats himself). Chick calls again to report why he's tardy; he's been trying to cross the road. Funella again faints, disconnecting the line.

Phoebe proposes they put on a show of their own to keep the chickens distracted. Elmo attempts a chicken dance, but becomes too tired to keep it up. Funella attempts to calm the chickens down in their own language, but communicates instead that a wolf is present. Phoebe tries to correct this, but the microphone appears to be broken again. Furgus finds it's just stuffed with straw and tests it out by singing the "Tail Feather Shake." The chickens enjoy the performance very much and they encourage him to continue. Chick finally arrives, but the chickens don't want Furgus to leave, so the two perform together (making Funella swoon even more).


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