Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 23, 1984
Written by David Young
Director Terry Maskell


Red Fraggle has become jealous of Gobo until she finds a sea monster in a nearby pond, yet no one believes her, claiming that she's just trying to get attention. The only Fraggle who believes her is Marlon, who plans to capture the monster and put it in a museum.

Meanwhile, Doc experiments with different recipes on how to cook seaweed.

Fraggle Facts

  • Fraggles don't have mechanical timekeepers, so they count time for sporting events by counting "One rockbeetle, two rockbeetle..." Unfortunately, everyone counts at a different rate, so reliable records are hard to come by.

Supporting cast


Video releases

International episode titles

  • France: "Nenufleur le monstre marin" (Nenufleur the sea monster) [mis-spelled "Nenufleurs" on-screen]
  • Germany: "Rotes Seeungeheuer"
  • Netherlands: "Jet's zeemonster"
  • Spain: "El monstruo marino de Rosi"

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