The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 4, 2016
Writer Kathy Waugh
Director Richard Bradley

Elmo and Phoebe prepare for sleep, when Elmo notices how beautiful the moon is outside his window. Phoebe climbs up from the bottom bunk to see, but a cloud hides it before she can see. Elmo then sees some bats flying by, who disappear before Phoebe can see them as well. In the morning, Elmo tells Furgus about all the amazing things he saw last night, as the two sing about all the things one can do in the top bunk. As Funella and Furgus settle a matter about the hotel pool, Phoebe tries proposing they switch bunks. But, Elmo gets swept away by the Tea Time Monsters before she can finish. Thinking Elmo just blew her off, Phoebe decides it would be best to move out of the room.

Cookie Monster and Furgus help set up Phoebe's new room - a tent in the garden. Elmo wants to camp out with her, but she leaves in a huff. Elmo asks everyone why she's annoyed with him, but nobody has an answer. Cookie thinks by giving her a cookie, she'll talk about it, but she turns it out (allowing him to eat it). He then suggests Elmo ask Phoebe, since she's the only one he hasn't asked.

Elmo finds Phoebe in the garden to try to talk to her. Phoebe explains how she feels, when Elmo tells his side of the story. Elmo admits he wants Phoebe to have fun in the top bunk too and the two decide to take turns each night. Phoebe is able to witness the moon and invites Elmo to see.


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