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Muppet Babies
Muppet Babies 2018 Robin.jpg
Air Date October 25, 2019
Written by Francisco Paredes (pt. 1) Dustin Ferrer (pt. 2)
Director Guy Moore

Tagalong Polliwog

Kermit’s nephew, Robin, comes to visit and everyone is excited to play with him, but Kermit is very protective and asks him to sit out on a lot of the games because he feels he is too small to keep up with the others.

  • "Untitled Underwater Submarine Song" (briefly)

Sparkly Star Switcheroo

When Rowlf is sad about not being able to write a song about a shooting star, Summer paints a sparkly star to cheer him up.

  • "Penguin with a Plan" performed by Summer
  • "Sparkly Shooting Star Song" (briefly) performed by Rowlf


  • The episode "Tagalong Polliwog" reintroduces Kermit's nephew Robin to the Muppet Babies franchise. An even younger, tadpole iteration of the character last appeared on the original Muppet Babies series in the 1987 episode "Adventures in Muppet-Sitting," about 32 years prior.
  • During the kids' golfing and underwater adventures, the characters wear their Muppet Rocksplosion costumes. Their submarine and its bridge is a redress of Kermit's spaceship that was previously featured in the episode "Starship Piggy."

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