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Muppets Tonight
Air Date November 2, 1997
Written by Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Darin Henry, Jim Lewis, Kirk Thatcher and Patric Verrone
Director Gary Halvorson
Prod. no. 103


Clifford and Paula Abdul perform "Opposites Attract."

The Whipley Triplets perform "Tonight You Belong to Me."

Paula Abdul and the cast sing "Lean On Me."


Muppets Tonight Episode 206 - Paula Abdul

A crazed robot of President Lincoln runs amuck throughout the Muppet Studios while Clifford repeatedly tries to grab a kiss from Paula Abdul.

Skit Highlights


  • This episode was shot as part of the first season (production number 103), but was not aired until the second.
  • Gonzo's cannonball number appears during the opening credits on one of the TV monitors.
  • An early, pink version of Zippety-Zap appears before the second act break. He would become turquoise later.
  • This is Polly Lobster and Clueless Morgan's last appearance to date.


Bill Barretta - Carl, Doglion, Bobo, Clueless Morgan, Johnny Fiama, One of the Elvises, Snookie Blyer, Sherlock Holmes the Whale
Kevin Clash - Clifford, Polly Lobster, Craniac
Dave Goelz - Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Randy Pig, Snorty, Waldorf
Brian Henson - Sal Minella, Nigel
Jerry Nelson - Robot Abraham Lincoln, Camilla, Statler, Dr. Watson, A. Ligator
Frank Oz - Miss Piggy, Sam the Eagle, Blue Whatnot
Steve Whitmire - Kermit the Frog, Andy Pig, Beaker, Rizzo the Rat, Miss Weatherington, Captain Pighead
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
Aurorah Allain
Tim Blaney
Billy Blanks Jr.
John Corella
John Henson - Sweetums
John Kennedy
Bruce Lanoil
Drew Massey
Nancy O'Meara
Allan Trautman



Clifford, Kermit the Frog, Gonzo, Johnny Fiama, Sal Minella, Miss Piggy, Captain Pighead, Craniac, Snorty, Robot Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, Statler and Waldorf, Sam the Eagle, Andy and Randy Pig, Nigel, Sweetums, Doglion, Bossmen, The Clodhoppers, The Extremes, Zippity Zap, J.P. Grosse, Hopper, Clueless Morgan, Polly Lobster, Mr. Callahan, The Whipley Triplets, Ms. Whipley, Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes' cat, Miss Weatherington, The Refined Young Cannonballs, Nine Inch Snails, Carl the Big Mean Porcupine-Eater, Nate Leakey, Statler and Waldorf's Nurse, Snookie Blyer, Seymour, Mr. Poodlepants, Fazoob