The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 7, 2016
Writer Ian Carney
Director Simon Gibney

The Furchester has a very busy, busy, busy day, with guests in queue going out the front door. Funella and the rest can barely keep up with all the check-ins. Luckily, Furgus has just invented something to solve their problems - the Furgulator, a series of automated, moving tracks that run through the entire hotel. Furgus activates it, allowing the guests to move through the hotel and make check-in much faster. Cookie Monster shows off how the dining room is now self-service.

A young lad, Toby, wants to go on a ride. He finds the Furgulator much too slow and speeds it up, which starts to cause some problems. He speeds it up even faster, sending everyone zooming through the hotel with no way of stopping.

Furgus is unable to perform the four-button deactivation code by himself, when Phoebe proposes they each press one button at a time. The plan works and the Furgulator shuts down, meaning Furgus will have to remove it. Toby confesses to causing the speed problems and Phoebe devises a way of giving him a ride still: they install a mini-Furgulator in Toby's room, which all the Furchesters take a ride on.


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