Sesame Street
Oscar's pet lobster
Air date April 22, 1985
Season Season 16 (1984-1985)
Written by Tony Geiss
Sponsors B, S, 2


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Piri teaches Big Bird and the kids how to do a moonwalk. In response, Big Bird teaches them how to do some beakdancing.
Cartoon A man counts two ears, two eyes and two arms. He picks up each leg to count two legs, and then falls down.
Animation by Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0406)

Muppets Game Show: The How Many Game??
Guy Smiley tells The Two-Headed Monster to find two things in 30 seconds. They bring one bowling ball, four sheep and three cows, all of which don't count. Suddenly, they realize they have two heads, which means they win! Little Bo Peep appears looking for her sheep, a train appears out of nowhere, and the scene ends in chaos.
Cartoon "Presenting -- the hammer!"
(EKA: Episode 1357)
Song Joe Raposo sings George Gershwin's "Funny Face."
(First: Episode 0006)
Cartoon A girl inflates a balloon in the shape of an S.
(First: Episode 0414)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment —: Grover and his friend Debo notice the letter "S" sitting on a brick wall. He exclaims that the letter is an old friend, and shouts, "Hey, S, babyyyy!" and slaps it off the wall. He remarks, "I hope he did not take that personally."
(First: Episode 0467)
Cartoon A boy is drawn, but he doesn't have knees at first.
(First: Episode 0954)
Celebrity Big Bird asks the Professor (Sid Caesar) why we have knees.
(First: Episode 2062)
Cartoon Julius and Jasper: "Why are you holding one leg up in the air, Jasper?" "Because if I hold two legs up in the air, I fall down!"
Animation by Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0406)
Film Some kids learn how to use Logo, a computer programming language, to draw shapes on computers.
(First: Episode 1968)
Cartoon The Bridgekeeper: Square
(First: Episode 1618)
Cast Luis and Gordon clean up.
(First: Episode 1452)
Film Trees are very nice places, for animals and for people.
(First: Episode 0455)
Muppets Super Grover tries to fix a girl's computer by jumping up and down and shouting "Wubba wubba!", but she soon discovers that the computer is not turned on.
(First: Episode 1971)
Animation Sand S/s
(First: Episode 0622)
SCENE 2 Big Bird shows Bob his sad bird friend, Indigo. Singing cheers him up, so Bob encourages him to "Sing, Little Bluebird." Soon, Indigo is chirping along with Bob.
Cartoon "Love" word animation
(First: Episode 0926)
Muppets Grover reads "The Cursed Prince" (David turns into Kermit)
(First: Episode 0969)
Cartoon Two balls follow an arrow down a hole.
(First: Episode 2035)
Film Kids compare animals and human tools and technology.
(First: Episode 0491)
Cartoon "Yo Soy Un ..."
(First: Episode 0777)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster sounds out the word "dance" at a disco.
(First: Episode 1395)
Cartoon Kids see animals in their alphabet soup.
Artist: Michael Sporn
(First: Episode 1976)

SCENE 3 Snuffy brings his TV over to Big Bird's nest so that he, Big Bird, and some kids can work out along with Jane Snuffleupagus.
Song Joe Raposo sings "Take a Breath."
(First: Episode 0347)
Cartoon S - Snake: A snake charmer irritates the snake.
(First: Episode 0063)
Insert Three of These Kids are jumping rope, but the fourth one is sitting down and reading a book.
(First: Episode 0415)
Cartoon S - Serpiente
(First: Episode 0382)
Film A kid marching band forms a triangle.
(First: Episode 0531)
Cartoon Donnie Budd sings a two-step for pairs of animals.
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0342)
Muppets As ominous music plays, the Count walks around his castle, checks out the mirror (he has no reflection), and greets his bats. The mailman (Jim Henson) arrives, with a bunch of letters for Count. The mailman wonders why there are so many letters. The Count says that he wrote them all himself, so he could count them... and then he does.
(First: Episode 0420)
Animation A spaceship solves a math problem - 3 + 1 = 4.
SCENE 4 Oscar introduces the Grouchketeers to his pet lobster, Camille. He describes what makes her an ideal Grouch pet, then he and the kids pretend they have lobster claws.
Film Lobster fisherman
(First: Episode 0966)
Cartoon B for boot
(First: Episode 1967)
Muppets Ernie watches the Twiddlebugs, who are about to head for Hooper's Store in the rain, but they notice that they need something to keep themselves dry. Tessie remembers that an umbrella helps, so they take one.
(First: Episode 1342)
Animation Stop-motion: what goes in the hot dog bun?
(First: Episode 1494)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: B for Bug
(First: Episode 0137)
SCENE 5 Oscar bets Bob that he can make Camille do anything he commands her. Bob replies, "If you can get that lobster to do anything you tell it, I'll eat my hat!" Oscar then orders Camille to sit on the bottom of the tank and do virtually nothing, which she is naturally able to do. Oscar wishes Bob a fine meal, and Snuffy announces the sponsors.

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