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{{episodebear|image=207 Back to Nature.JPG|airdate=January 27, 1998|writer=[[Claudia Silver]]|director=[[Lisa Simon]]|theme=Nature}}
{{episodebear|image=207 Back to Nature.JPG|airdate=|writer=[[Claudia Silver]]|director=[[Lisa Simon]]|theme=Nature}}
[[Image:Book.Bugged by Bugs.jpg|thumb|300px]]
[[Image:Book.Bugged by Bugs.jpg|thumb|300px]]

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Bear in the Big Blue House
207 Back to Nature
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Lisa Simon
Theme Nature
Book.Bugged by Bugs

After Ojo runs in from the kitchen scared of a bee, Bear suggests that they watch a bee at a safe distance in order to find out what the insects do other than sting. In the course of the day, Bear, Ojo, Pip and Pop, and Tutter find that every creature has a place and a purpose. That's just one of the many great things about nature. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings Home on the Range and in that version the deer and antelope were playing go fish, and the cowboy accidentally hits his own thumb with a hammer when it rained the Buffalo said, "Looks like we have to play inside."



  • A portion of the events of this episode were adapted for the book Bugged by Bugs.
  • 2nd episode when Bear sees Shadow at the Otter Pond

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