The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 8, 2016
Writer Tony Reed
Director Richard Bradley

A trio of cheery cheerleaders check into the Furchester, cheering for everyone and everything. Phoebe and Elmo both wish to be cheerleaders and Harvey P. Dull, a former champion cheerleader, takes them in the garden to teach them the art of cheering.

As Furgus takes Mr. and Mrs. Flapalot to their rooms, the cheerleaders cheer in the lift, preventing them from getting in. They then run through the kitchen, beating Gonger to gonging his gong for tea time. They then prevent the Tea Time Monsters from reaching the dining room and cause Cookie Monster to drop his cookie. Furgus and Funella tell the cheerleaders to stop cheering, which makes them sad. Now, everyone's upset.

The two hear Elmo and Phoebe's cheering outside and think of a way they can improve the mood of all the guests. Mr. Dull gets an idea ("Dull-a-wubba!," he cries), believing they can make everyone appreciate cheering if they teach the guests how. Mr. Dull leads the entire hotel in a cheer, which cheers them up. They even invite the cheery cheerleaders, who happily join along.


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