The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 9, 2016
Writer Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh
Director Simon Gibney and Tom Cousins

The Furchester sets up a new service - a free cookie from the front desk for every guest. Phoebe helps Cookie Monster control himself from eating the cookies, which he is told are for guests only. As they all leave, a furry, blue monster resembling Cookie (wearing a hat and having an English accent) enters the hotel. He spots the cookies (which he refers as biscuits) and is mistaken for Cookie by Furgus, who reminds him of the guest policy. Since he's a guest, the monster helps himself, stashing the cookies away in his suitcase. Only Isabel witnesses him, but her view is obscured by a towel covering her.

Gonger calls everyone out to see all his handmade cookies have disappeared. Everyone assumes Cookie Monster has eaten them, but he states he's innocent. Isabel describes the culprit - someone who was furry, blue and has googily eyes. Despite Cookie Monster fitting that description, they decide to check on every guest for someone else who fits that description. They come up empty handed and get swept away from the front desk by the Tea Time Monsters. While they're gone, the mysterious monster returns and collects Gonger's latest batch of cookies.

Cookie Monster returns to the crime scene first and is blamed yet again. Gonger asserts he won't be baking him any more cookies...forever! The Furchesters try to think of a solution, but Cookie Monster can't concentrate with the smell of cookies filling the hotel. Inspired, Phoebe has him smell his way to the cookie culprit. Meanwhile, the other monster finishes the latest batch and leaves his room to see if there's more. Cookie and the gang find his empty room, filled with crumbs, when both Cookie and the other monster catch a whiff of Gonger's latest cookie batch.

The two monsters encounter at the front desk and recognize each other. The other monster turns out to be Cookie's British cousin, Biscuit Monster! He apologizes for the trouble he's caused and the cousins dig in on their treats.


Supporting Cast


  • Among the guests the cast checks to match Isabel's description is Cookie Monster's form as the "Cowabunga Cookie Shark" from episode 4632 of Sesame Street.

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