Sesame Street
Telly watches Mr. Mac's cart
Air date May 16, 1985
Season Season 16 (1984-1985)
Written by Norman Stiles
Sponsors E, J, 7


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Gordon prepares his breakfast, which Elmo tries to turn into a game of some sort. He realizes that since he's already had his breakfast, Gordon will have to play it alone.
Film A boy makes fruit salad.
(First: Episode 1195)
Muppets Ernie & BertBert regrets not being able to go to the park today like Ernie did, but Ernie helps him imagine a quiet day at the park -- which has more noises than Bert expected, even at night.
(First: Episode 1953)
Animation Sand J/j
(First: Episode 0631)
Celebrity Menudo performs "Gotta Get on Movin'."
(First: Episode 1971)
Cartoon J family jamboree
(First: Episode 0365)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster drives a car, but puts on the seat belt first.
(First: Episode 1966)
Animation See the lion walk.
(First: Episode 0993)
Film Footage of a city neighborhood; includes shots of a sno-cone vendor.
Singer: "¡Linda paloma!"
(First: Episode 0426)
Insert Bob reads the kids a story about seven mice, with some animated mice displaying the story.
(First: Episode 1699)
Cartoon ADVENTURE! A man and woman escape a boulder, a crocodile, and other obstacles.
(First: Episode 2080)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash
Kermit the Frog witnesses how the mailman and salesman knock at the door while the Big Bad Wolf chases Little Red Riding Hood around the bed. Eventually, the Woodsman shows up, and Red and the Wolf chase him for cutting down a maple tree which was their favorite one.
(First: Episode 0621)
Cartoon J - Jam
(First: Episode 0012)
Film Two kids cooperate on putting on smocks for painting.
(First: Episode 0284)
Animation Floral patterns are formed to Eastern European music.
(First: Episode 1808)
Grover at the Supermarket.jpg
Muppets Grover waits in line at a supermarket. He generously lets two people go in front of him, but then explains that you can't always let everyone go before you, or else you'll never get to the register yourself. When he finally gets to the register and is first in line, the cashier says the register is closed. Grover considers following a customer to a pickle party ...
(First: Episode 1939)
Cartoon Beetle Bailey wants to be first in the chow line, but he ends up last.
(First: Episode 0666)
Muppets / Cast "Singing in the Shower" - Olivia, Ernie, Oscar, and Big Bird sing about how they like to sing in their various modes of cleaning (shower, bathtub, mudbath, and birdbath respectively.)
(First: Episode 1834)
Film Seashells form various patterns in the sand.
(First: Episode 2031)
Animation A hand draws a ditch, and some kids try to figure out a way to get across it.
SCENE 2 Mr. Macintosh wants to get a bite to eat at Hooper's Store and asks Telly to watch his produce cart while he's eating. Telly's main job is to call for him when there's a customer, so Telly practices yelling loudly.
Film Olivia (in voice-over) identifies different vegetables.
(First: Episode 1612)
Cartoon E for Erase
(First: Episode 0486)
Nightmare 1 & 2.jpg
Muppets Bert is out of town, so Cookie Monster spends the night with Ernie. Cookie is frightened of a shadow on the wall, but Ernie shows him it's just a coat on a chair.
(First: Episode 2027)
Cartoon E for End
(First: Episode 0460)
The Flying and Singing Cookies.jpg
Muppets Later, Cookie Monster has a bad dream in which he is surrounded by flying, singing cookies who won't let him catch them.
(First: Episode 2027)
Cartoon Seven piglets
Artist: Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1546)
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of a camel
(First: Episode 0593)
Cartoon The Alligator King
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0411)
SCENE 3 Telly is spooked by Bad Barney, who provokes Telly into doing something to prove he's a bad dude. He reluctantly swipes a zucchini from the cart and hides it. Mr. Mac returns and doesn't notice anything amiss.
SCENE 3 cont'd Telly hides out with Bad Barney, feeling very guilty over what he's done. Telly considers giving the zucchini back, but Bad Barney tells him about the potential punishments he could receive. Telly ultimately decides to do the noble thing and accept punishment for his actions.
Cartoon A top-hatted man tries to show a girl how many uses a box has, but she prefers kicking it.
(First: Episode 0763)
SCENE 3 cont'd Telly finds Mr. Mac and returns the zucchini, confessing to what he has done. He asks that they call his parents for a proper punishment. Gordon is proud of Telly for telling the truth, as Telly declares, "From now on, no more Mr. Bad Guy!"
Animation A kerosene lamp assembles itself in stop-motion.
(First: Episode 1473)
Muppets How Now Brown and the Moo Wave perform the song "Danger's No Stranger."
(First: Episode 2030)
Cartoon A picture of a girl playing a guitar is drawn as off-screen kids (speaking English and Spanish) try to guess what the drawing will be.
(First: Episode 0406)
Song "Rockabye Baby" is sung to a sleepy koala.
(First: Episode 0048)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentKermit and Marlena observe their knees.
(First: Episode 1162)
Cartoon 'j' minuscula
(First: Episode 0475)
SCENE 4 Gordon gets off the phone with Telly's parents, who ground him for the rest of the day. Gordon also says that Telly needs to bring something home for dinner - a zucchini. Bad Barney announces the sponsors.

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