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The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 10, 2016
Writer Julia Kent
Director Simon Gibney

Today is Harvey P. Dull's birthday and the Furchester staff have planned a surprise party for him, with party hats, guests, music, games and a singing birthday cake. Elmo accidentally lets it slip in front of Mr. Dull, who claims to never have had a birthday party before and doesn't think he'll want one now. Phoebe thinks Mr. Dull might like a birthday party if he knows what happen during them.

Elmo and Phoebe lead Mr. Dull to the dining room for the first part of the party - the surprise! Everyone dances to the birthday music, though Mr. Dull finds it hard to read with all the commotion. They then begin a game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," but Mr. Dull ends up pinning the tail on his favorite chair. Gonger comes out with a large, birthday gelatin, but ends up sending it flying and landing on Mr. Dull, ruining his favorite book. He's finally had enough and decides to seclude himself in his room until his birthday is over.

The Furchesters think of a way to improve the situation. They realize they've planned for things they like, not things Mr. Dull likes. They bring him back downstairs and present him with his favorite book and chair, all repaired, and vow to let him have some peace, a type of party he very much appreciates. Cookie Monster spoils the moment when he arrives with the party horns, startling Mr. Dull out of his chair.


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