Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Iain McLean

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a mop, a plop, and some animal cards to swap.

Puppyduck suddenly pops up and wants to swap animal cards with Mopatop. Mopatop notice Puppyduck's pop sounds ploppy.

In the attic, Mother Mouse hears the plop noise and wonders what is going on. Moosey Mouse explains it is Puppyduck's pop sound and Father Mouse tells Moosey to get Puppyduck's pop sound so that he can fix it.

In the shop, Puppyduck finds her pop sound not working for her and Mopatop suggested they can go to the pop department to get a new pop for Puppyduck. As Mopatop looks around and find no pops, Moosey Mouse appears and feels sorry for Puppyduck. So while no one is looking, Moosey Mouse gives his whistle sound in a box for Puppyduck to use. When Puppyduck finds the box with the whistle sound, Mopatop exchange her plop sound with the whistle sound. After Mopatop placed the plop sound in the box, Moosey Mouse grabs the box to get it fixed by his father.

At that moment, Pappy Popper enters the shop looking for a new pop sound since he is tired of his old one. Puppyduck appears and Pappy Popper likes her whistle sound that he wants to swap his pop sound for it. So Mopatop swap each other pop sounds and both liked their new pop sounds.

In the attic, Moosey is sad that he doesn't have his whistle sound anymore. By then, Father Mouse had finished fixing Puppyduck's pop sound, but the pop sound was a whistle sound. Moosey happily take the sound and feels great to have his whistle sound again.


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