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Fraggle Rock
Air Date February 27, 1984
Written by Sugith Varughese
Director George Bloomfield


Gobo learns of an ancient Gorg legend that tells of the beginning and end of the Gorg dynasty. The original Ruler of the Universe was Sir Hubris, a mysterious person who left his castle to travel the world. Sir Hubris gave his crown to King Gorgus the Great, the first Gorg king -- but if he ever returns, the reign of the Gorgs will be over, and they will be forced to wander the universe. Gobo comes up with a plan based on this legend that may keep the Fraggles safe from the Gorgs forever. Unfortunately, it backfires.

Meanwhile, Doc deals with a leak in his roof.

Fraggle Facts

  • While it's pouring on Doc's Workshop (and leaking through the roof), it's perfectly dry and sunny in the Gorgs' Garden. This is the first piece of evidence that the Fraggle/Gorg world is physically separate from the "real" world of Doc and Sprocket and only reachable through magical means. The connection between Doc's world and the Fraggle/Gorg world is mysterious; in the next episode, Doc finds an old ring that is clearly made out of a Doozer helmet.



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