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Sesame Street
Hooper's has a broken window
(repeat of 1952)
Air date November 27, 1985
Season Season 17 (1985-1986)
Written by Judy Freudberg
Sponsors G, Q, 3


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Telly goes to Hooper's Store, but finds the door is locked and the glass from the window is missing. He calls David over, who explains that some kids playing baseball accidentally broke the window. Telly helps David measure the size of the window so David can tell his friend what he needs. After measuring, David leaves to make his call. Telly gets an idea on how to help without using the glass and tells the viewer to "watch TV or something" while he heads for the newspapers.
Cartoon A goose and gander visit the land of the G's.
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1141)
Clip 4.jpg
Muppets Grover watches Mumford practice a trick, making a rabbit come out of his hat. Mumford has trouble getting a rabbit to come out of the hat, and both are oblivious to the fact that Grover is turning into a rabbit.
(First: Episode 0407)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Trying and Trying Again".
(First: Episode 0631)
Cartoon A gorilla who knows G words applies for a job.
(First: Episode 0131)
SCENE 2 Telly has covered the empty hole in the door with newspaper. David tells him some reasons why the glass works better than newspaper. Telly is upset, because he's messed up and David won't be his friend. David denies the idea and shows him something he can do with the newspaper - read it.
Film Old bottles are made into new bottles at a recycling plant.
music: "Black Eyed Peas" by Graham Preskett
(First: Episode 0917)
Cartoon mydoghappy.jpg
Cartoon A boy demonstrates why his dog's name is Happy.
(First: Episode 0537)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Ernie, Bert and Shola demonstrate happy, sad, scared and mad.
(First: Episode 0469)
Film Anne Meara narrates a silent movie of a girl who is stuck IN the quicksand.
(First: Episode 0511)
Cartoon "Presenting -- the hammer!"
(First: Episode 0614)
Muppets Benny and his boss have been waiting for Lefty for a long time. Benny wonders how they will know when it's Lefty at the door, so he reminds him that Lefty will knock three times - their secret knock to enter their hideout. Lefty forgets the number, and has to be hinted from his boss what the number of knocks are to gain access, finally giving the correct amount. When they let him in, the boss reprimands him for his poor memory, and warns him that he'll be in big trouble if he forgets again. To test his memory, the boss and Benny lock themselves out, telling him not to let them in until they give the secret knock. Despite the boss' warning, Lefty forgets once again, and finally having enough, he fearfully runs out the back door, leaving the other two stranded outside yelling, "Let us in!" as they angrily pound on the door trying to get in.
(First: Episode 0722)
Song "Three is My Favorite Number"
(First: Episode 0429)
SCENE 3 David's friend Harris (Joe Baer) has arrived and shows Telly how he measures and cuts the glass to get it exactly right, then places it back in the door. While he hammers the moldings back in, Telly marvels at the many tools the world has.
Cartoon Cat / fat / hat / sat / rat / bat / scat / splat / flat / pat
Voice: Daws Butler
(First: Episode 0770)
Insert Three of These Kids are playing policeman, but the other one is playing fireman.
(First: Episode 0408)
Film Peacock
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0278)
Cartoon Three men in a horse costume want three cups of coffee.
(First: Episode 0473)
Muppets The Rhymies go camping, but a bear disrupts their campsite.
(First: Episode 1389)
Film Kids climb in and out of a tire.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0450)
SCENE 4 Telly is given the task of removing the drawn-on X from the glass, but no matter how hard he scrubs, it won't come off. He leaves to get soap and water.
Cartoon A father explains to his son why it is important to wear a seat belt when riding in a car.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 1446)
Film / Animation Oranges are peeled and sliced in stop-motion, and some kids eat them.
(First: Episode 1802)
Celebrity Victor Borge demonstrates seat belt safety when playing the piano.
(First: Episode 1174)
Cartoon What's missing? (parrot)
SCENE 5 Telly tries scrubbing the window with a soapy sponge, but the X still remains. He gets an idea, via having a conversation with himself, and goes inside, discovering the X is marked on the other side of the glass.
Cartoon Find the Circle quiz
(First: Episode 1594)
Muppets Grover sings about his furry little shadow.
(First: Episode 1810)
Cartoon Hypnotic "Q" rainbow
(First: Episode 0440)
Film Kids play in the snow.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0292)
Cast Big Bird sings the alphabet while Bob accompanies him on glasses of water.
(First: Episode 1344)
Sand-alphabet q.jpg
Animation Sand Q/q
(First: Episode 0623)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit is interviewing Cinderella and Prince Charming, who are dancing at the ball. After Cinderella leaves, she leaves one glass slipper behind. The prince wants to find he can have the other glass slipper.
(First: Episode 0516)
Cartoon One of These Footprints says "excuse me."
(First: Episode 0487)
SCENE 6 Grundgetta is leading a Grouchketeer meeting and announces the game they'll be playing - "Cross it Out." Grundgetta calls the kids up and asks them to cross out a different thing on her card. David calls her out on something; the kids are good at crossing things out, but she's done nothing. She gets the card and crosses the whole thing out.
Gorilla toon2.jpg
Cartoon Speech Balloon: G for gorilla (in man suit).
(First: Episode 0085)
Muppets Grover and George sing "Two G Sounds."
(First: Episode 0358)
Film Body Parts vs. Heavy Equipment: Three boys (including Brian Henson) pretend to be steam shovels, playing in the dirt. This segues into footage of real construction vehicles. A parallel is drawn between the machinery and how the boys' arms and mouths work.
(First: Episode 0003)
Cartoon I Love You, in American Sign Language
Artist: Steve Finkin
(First: Episode 1170)
Cast Maria is dressed for summer weather, while Linda is dressed for the snow. They switch clothes and scenarios.
(First: Episode 1819)
Cartoon Cherries fall through a moving hole onto a man who demonstrates up and down.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0798)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Herry Monster asks John-John if he knows the difference between up and down.
(First: Episode 0565)
Cartoon The Typewriter gets stuck in a spot of glue, and types "G: Glue."
(First: Episode 0775)
SCENE 7 Grundgetta displays the cross out board and declares she's going to cross out more. She grabs some pink paint and crosses out the viewer! She decides that's not enough and starts filling in the screen, while David announces the sponsors.

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