Sesame Street
(repeat of 1925)
Air date November 29, 1985
Season Season 17 (1985-1986)
Written by Judy Freudberg
Directed by Lisa Simon
Sponsors F, R, 12

Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 After an encounter with Forgetful Jones, Maria imagines what it would be like to be just as forgetful as he is.
Back in the present, David arrives to remind Maria about their lunch date, to which Maria responds, "Well golly, I guess I forgot!"

SCENE 2 Maria and David come by and see Slimey about to take a bath. They coo and speak baby talk as they study his tiny bath curtains, brush, and rubber duckie, to Oscar's chagrin. David points out that Slimey is missing something important - soap. Oscar tells them to open the curtains, where they see Slimey is taking a mudbath.
SCENE 3 Tania helps Forgetful Jones remember the names and functions of his body parts.
SCENE 4 Freddie comes to the Fix-It Shop, having broken one of the temples from his glasses in a football came. Maria say they don't usually fix glasses at the shop, but Freddie insists he needs them; he doesn't see too well without, especially things that are far away. Maria agrees to give it a try.

SCENE 4 cont'd Meanwhile, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus pass by the shop. Big Bird sees the two inside and thinks now will be a great oppertunity for someone to meet Snuffy. However, he has a Snufflegarten field trip to go off to. Big Bird asks him to walk slowly so someone can at least catch a glimpse of him. Freddie agrees to come outside, but due to not having his glasses, he can't see anything down the block. Big Bird starts to think that if he can see Snuffy, but Freddie can't, then he must be a "fig newton of my imagination" just as everyone says. He becomes very upset and Freddie tries to explain, when Maria comes out having temporarily fixed his glasses. Big Bird realizes the error he's made and takes it as evidence that Snuffy is real after all.
SCENE 4 cont'd When Gordon happens by, Big Bird tells him that Maria's efforts have helped prove Snuffy is real and happily runs off with Freddie. Gordon questions Maria, who stammers as she tries to explain what's going on.
SCENE 5 At today's Grouchketeer meeting, Oscar initiates a "listening session" as they listen for grouchy sounds in the city. They hear the sounds of a traffic jam, then the sound of a jackhammer. Oscar prefers to listen to jackhammering accompanied by his atonal phonograph music.

SCENE 6 Oscar and the Grouchketeers keeping listening. Oscar is irked by the sounds of laughter from Gordon and Susan. Although it is followed up the pleasant, closing theme, he likes hearing it because it means it's time to say goodbye. He and the Grouchketeers bid farewell as Maria announces the sponsors and the credits follow.

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Picture Segment Description
Muppets A Muppet girl (Ivy Austin) approaches a sad Herry and asks him what's wrong. He laments about being left out of the baseball game, and she offers to cheer him up by taking him to the zoo.

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