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Sesame Street
Bernie, a piano tuner, tunes Oscar's piano; Olivia goes on a date with Bernie
(repeat of 1859)
Air date December 3, 1985
Season Season 17 (1985-1986)
Written by Judy Freudberg
Sponsors L, Y, 3


Picture Segment Description


SCENE 1 As Olivia rushes to work, she bumps into Bob and his friend, who Olivia shows signs of interest in. Bob’s friend does so as well. When they pass Oscar's trash can, Oscar tells them to stop hanging around his trash can and is introduced to Bob’s friend, Bernie (a piano tuner). Bernie (Ben Harney) shows Oscar his tuning fork, which he uses to help tune pianos. Oscar asks him to help him un-tune his piano.
Cartoon L for locomotive, letter, lamp, light, lion, lettuce, lips
(First: Episode 1716)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Don Music tries to rewrite the "Sesame Street Theme". He succeeds and is joined by Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats.
(First: Episode 1310)
Film Kids narrate what a bald eagle sees when it flies over islands.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0424)
Cartoon "Love" word animation
(First: Episode 0926)

SCENE 2 Bob listens to the piano being un-tuned in horror. Bernie comes up from the trash can with a slightly grouchier personality. Just then, Grundgetta arrives and is smitten with Bernie’s dirty persona. She is driven even more when she hears his piano β€œplaying”, which makes Oscar jealous.
Cartoon An alien asks a boy for directions to the baseball diamond.
Artist: Bill Davis
(First: Episode 1877)
Muppets Ernie wakes up and tells Bert it's time to get up, but notices that Bert isn't in his bed. He slowly ponders what happened to his best friend, coming to the conclusion that maybe some Martians took him away in their spaceship. As it turns out, Bert just got up early to fix some oatmeal. Ernie is relieved... until a real spaceship lands and the Martians enter the room.
(First: Episode 1208)
George counttoten.jpg
Film George the Farmer uses barrels to count to ten.
(First: Episode 0293)
Admiral Bird.jpg
Muppets Big Bird sings β€œAdmiral Bird”.
(First: Episode 0946)
Cartoon Y for Yak
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1184)
Film A mailman on horseback delivers mail in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky.
(First: Episode 0493)
Muppets As ominous music plays, the Count walks around his castle, checks out the mirror (he has no reflection), and greets his bats. The mailman (Jim Henson) arrives, with a bunch of letters for Count. The mailman wonders why there are so many letters. The Count says that he wrote them all himself, so he could count them... and then he does.
(First: Episode 0420)
Cartoon 3 doctors cure a sick 3.
(First: Episode 1627)


SCENE 3 Oscar listens to Grundgetta being wooed by Bernie’s playing and worries he may be losing his best friend. Olivia arrives and Oscar wants her to take Bernie off his hands so he can have his Grundgetta back. Olivia decides to help him out and goes to get changed. Bernie tries to come out of the trash can, but is pulled back down by Grundgetta.
Cartoon The Typewriter: Y for Yo-Yo
(First: Episode 0769)
Celebrity Richard Pryor recites the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0779)
1041triangles.jpg Cartoon Triangles are found in various things such as a see-saw, ice cream cone, etc.
(First: Episode 0544)
Film A gym instructor helps children perform a variety of stretching and bending exercises.
(First: Episode 1018)
SCENE 4 Olivia comes out of 123 Sesame Street all dressed up (and believing Bernie is a Grouch rather than a human). Maria passes by and brings her back inside to get more grouchy clothing on.
SCENE 4 cont’d Bernie finally rises from the trash can and becomes excited when Oscar tells him he has a date with Olivia. He runs home to get cleaned up.

SCENE 4 cont’d Maria and Olivia return with Olivia all in ratty clothes a frizzy green wig. Oscar is shocked and upset and feels his plan will fail. Bernie returns and Olivia sees him and realizes he’s not a Grouch. They share a laugh at the situation and go off talking about it.
Cartoon A man tries to figure out where a squeaky sound is coming from; it turns out to be a giant's squeaky shoes. "Surprise!"
(First: Episode 0770)
Muppets Super Grover tries to fix a girl's computer by jumping up and down and shouting "Wubba wubba!", but she soon discovers that the computer is not turned on.
(First: Episode 1971)
Film Mad Painter #3
(First: Episode 0343)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Bert and David display their mad and happy faces.
(First: Episode 0343)
Cartoon "The Little Letter L: A Poem by Louise"
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1526)


SCENE 5 Oscar loans Bernie his Sloppy Jalopy for their date. However, they can’t get it to work. They need Oscar to show them how to get it started, but can’t think of a way of getting him out of his trash can. Olivia sees he hates music and they sing a song (β€œIf You Listen to a Tune”) to get him out. Oscar can’t take the nice song and shows them how to start his car, then rejoices as he now as he believes he has Grundgetta all to himself again.
Film A gemsbok runs fast, then faster.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0416)
Cartoon "Yo Soy Un ..."
(First: Episode 0777)
Muppets Cookie Monster does a taste test to compare square shaped cookies, triangle shaped cookies, and circle shaped cookies.
(First: Episode 1750)
Cartoon L for Lion (sand)
Film A girl meets a blind woman who has a seeing-eye dog.
(First: Episode 0952)
Muppets Two-Headed Monster: PAT
(First: Episode 1697)
Cartoon Millie and Molly find a place for their picture of their favorite rock star, Danny.
(First: Episode 1295)


SCENE 6 Olivia and Bernie push the Sloppy Jalopy back to the street, both enjoying the date they had. They return the keys to Oscar and Grundgetta sees how nice looking Bernie is and is turned off. Oscar whines over the trouble he went through, when he had a simple solution, but Olivia and Bernie don’t think it was a waste at all as they walk off together. Grundgetta tells Oscar that he's the most "miserable rotten grouchy Grouch in the world" and promises him that she could never love anyone more than he. Then, they argue as they announce the sponsors.


  • The harmonica theme is noticeably in a higher pitch when played during the final scene.

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