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Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 5, 1984
Written by Laura Phillips
Director Jim Henson

Opening title card from the 1993 video release.

Sprocket tries to follow his ball through the Fraggle hole in Doc's workshop and gets stuck. It's up to Gobo to free the fearsome beast!

At the same time, Doc ends up getting a ring stuck around his finger.

Fraggle Facts

International Versions

  • UK: Similar to Doc, the Captain gets his finger caught in a ring while Sprocket is stuck in the hole between the lighthouse and the Fraggle Rock. Uncle Travelling Matt participates in a 'great race' (in reality, a department store clothing sale).


  • The ring that Doc's finger gets stuck in resembles a Doozer helmet. The items salvaged from the sunken ship also include a sign reading, "LA GORGOLA."

International versions

  • German version: Doc gets the Doozer ring stuck on his left hand, while in the Canadian version it was on his right. At the end, when Doc finally gets the ring off his finger and notices that the grease smells good but needs some salt, he picks up a salt shaker and shakes some on his hand before tasting the grease again.
  • UK version: The Captain is admiring various artifacts recovered from the wrecked ship he and Sprocket discovered while walking to the island at low tide. These include a plaque bearing the ship's name, "La Gorgola", a wine goblet, a cauldron and a large ring that gets stuck on the Captain's left hand. He goes upstairs to get some grease they use on the lighthouse cockwheel. After Sprocket gets stuck, the Captain goes to the store shed outside because he can't find the grease anywhere. In Uncle Matt's postcard, he recounts competing in a silly creatures race (actually a sale at a Selfridges store). At the end of the race, the silly creatures 'get to pick their own prices'. As the customers make a grab for clothing in bins, Matt manages to lose his clothing and runs out wearing only his hat (which he almost loses too). When the Fraggles finally manage to get Sprocket unstuck, instead of flying out with a salto, he slides on the floor of the lighthouse because he's all greased up. The resolution with the captain is the same as in the Canadian version.


Video releases

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