Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 5, 1984
Written by Laura Phillips
Director Jim Henson

Opening title card from the 1993 video release.

Sprocket tries to follow his ball through the Fraggle hole in Doc's workshop and gets stuck. It's up to Gobo to free the fearsome beast!

At the same time, Doc ends up getting a ring stuck around his finger.

Fraggle Facts

International Versions

  • UK: Similar to Doc, the Captain gets his finger caught in a ring while Sprocket is stuck in the hole between the lighthouse and the Fraggle Rock. Uncle Travelling Matt participates in a 'great race' (in reality, a department store clothing sale).


  • The ring that Doc's finger gets stuck in resembles a Doozer helmet.


Video releases

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Sir Hubris and the Gorgs The Wizard of Fraggle Rock
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