Air Date November 20, 1991
Written by Andy Goodman
Director Bruce Bilson

Spike, Robbie's mentor.

Robbie hires Spike, a rebellious classmate, to teach him how to pick-up Caroline Foxworth, a girl who he has a brutal crush on. But Spike's unique advice gets Robbie grounded; a situation that Robbie finds not nearly as unbearable as the discovery that Spike, having refined his flirtatious technique, is dating the girl of Robbie's dreams.

Guest Stars


  • Earl reveals to Robbie that Fran was the first woman that he had ever asked out. Asking her out was so hard that he married her just so he wouldn't have to go through it again.
  • Tape date: October 21, 1991

Seen on TV

  • A sock-puppet show which Earl and Baby watch and enjoy, but Fran refuses to watch, stating the show is for kids. Earl remarks that while the puppets give the show a children's aesthetic, "the dialogue is sharp-edged, witty, and dramatically skewed towards adults" while looking into the camera (ie. "breaking the fourth wall"). This is meant as a joke, describing the nature of Dinosaurs. A similar conversation would occur again in The Last Temptation of Ethyl, with Earl once again remarking on its adult appeal while Fran remains convinced it's for kids.
  • Love Confession

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