The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 11, 2016
Writer Steve Cannon
Director Simon Gibney

The Furchester is housing another performance by the Veggietones. Unfortunately, Carly Carrot loses her voice during the performance. The Furchetsers think of a way to save the show and propose they get someone to replace Carly. Phoebe nominates Furgus, who can do the dance moves, but sings far too low. Cookie Monster offers to volunteer, possessing a surprisingly high singing voice, but can't stop singing about cookies. Funella steps in with her high voice, but can't seem to share the stage with the group.

Elmo and Phoebe scour the hotel for potential group members, but nobody is able to sing and dance, though Elmo finds the perfect person - Phoebe. She dons a carrot costume and the crowd goes wild for their performance.


Supporting Cast

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