Sesame Street
Polly Darton visits
(repeat of 1856)
Air date December 9, 1985
Season Season 17 (1985-1986)
Written by Emily Perl Kingsley
Sponsors A, X, 11

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 The cast prepares the street for a special occasion, decorating with a large banner, balloons and food. Forgetful Jones can't remember what's going on, so the others remind him that his favorite country singer is coming to visit Sesame Street today. Forgetful thinks Johnny Cash is coming, but they remind him it's actually Polly Darton! They also remind him that his job is to meet her at the bus stop.
SCENE 2 Polly gets off her bus and Forgetful thinks she's Johnny Cash again. When he realizes who she is, he turns bashful. Polly happens to have a song to help break the ice, "Just Say Howdy." Now with some confidence, Forgetful properly welcomes Polly to the street and begins introducing her to the locals (though he gets all their names wrong).
SCENE 3 Polly can hardly believe how different things are in the city compared to her home in the country - there's no barns, horses or chickens. She does meet a cow, who invites her to take a subway trip to a museum, then lunch at Schrafft's.
SCENE 4 Telly can't believe it when Polly goes into Oscar's trash can. Oscar claims Polly was starting to feel homesick for her farm and has allowed her to feet some of his pets. Various bits of food fly out as Polly feeds the elephants, monkeys and pigs. Polly emerges a total mess, but had such a fun time that she rewards Oscar with a kiss.
SCENE 5 Polly has assembled a small music group and a small crowd of listeners (including Big Bird, Forgetful and the kids). Grundgetta pushes through the crowd to tell Polly how much her country music makes her feel angry. Polly finds this a great way to segue to her next song, "Music's Good for Anything You're Feelin'."
SCENE 6 It's time for Polly to leave, though Forgetful once again mistakes her for Johnny Cash. Polly boards her bus as everyone bids her farewell.

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Picture Segment Description
Cartoon Ella juega tenis (sand)

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