Cold open

In the Muppet lab, Beaker is dressed as Mr. Spock. Bobo, Clifford, Bunsen and Rizzo have a celebration in Beaker's honor, singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". Beaker leaves without having any cake, and they see him off.
Beaker Bye-bye! Bye-bye!
Bunsen (laughs) Well! Toodle-oo, my little scientific sidekick! I shall miss you!
Clifford Hey, later, Beak!
Bunsen Bye-bye, Beakie!
Clifford Yeah, have a good time!
Beaker gets on the elevator and waves goodbye.
Bunsen Boy, oh boy, oh boy. Beaker's first Star Trek celebrity cruise. It's a true benchmark in any young man's life.
The others chuckle in agreement.
Bunsen Well. Let's go say goodbye.
Bunsen opens a window to reveal the cruise ship on the ocean. They wave at Beaker as he passes.
Bunsen Bon voyage!
Rizzo So long, Beakie!
Bunsen Enjoy your vacation!
Clifford Later, Beak!
Rizzo Don't forget to sunscreen!
They disperse, laughing, while Bunsen stays behind.
Rizzo That's gonna be fun.
Clifford What a trip.
Bunsen Hey, everybody, don't go! Why don't we synthesize some new alloys and test them for superconductive properties? It'll be a hoot.
Clifford Well, I'd love to, Dr. Dew, but I gave it up for Lent. Later. (leaves)
Rizzo Yeah, I'm a big fan of Lent myself. Ahem. (leaves)
Bobo Alright, take care.
Bunsen Well then, how about you, Bobo? Want to factor pi?
Bobo Pie? Hey, you can count me in. (laughs)
Bunsen Alrighty then. Pi equals 3.14159 –– Bobo, come on. You know the numbers.
Bobo Oh, you mean that pi? Oh, hey, you know, you know what? I don't think it's very funny, you toying with my emotions that way. I'm taking this. (takes the cake)
Bunsen ... the cake? But that –– that was for ...
Bobo Factor pi ... (gets on the elevator) I'm gonna factor pi. In my apartment.
Bunsen Oh dear. Well, I guess when Beaker leaves, the party's over. Science has left me a sad and lonely man.
He hears a knock from within one of the cabinets. He opens it to find Ben Stein inside.
Bunsen (gasps) Who are you?
Ben Stein I'm the sad and lonely man that science has left you.
Bunsen I don't get it.
Ben Stein It's a joke, you sad little man. (closes the cabinet)
Bunsen Oh dear. I'm afraid that stranger in the cabinet is right. I am a sad little man. Well, darn it all to heck, if Beaker can have an adventure, then so can I!
He tosses his glasses away, and goes into a door marked "CAUTION: RADIATION HAZARD / DO NOT ENTER". An explosion is heard. Bunsen screams.


Kermit opens the doors to the Muppet Theater.
Kermit It's Muppets Tonight, with our very special guest star, Andie MacDowell! Yay!
He is immediately trampled by theater patrons. Clifford sings the theme song while wandering through the dressing room to the control room to the stage, as Jowls whistles. Clifford reaches the stage, goes to a wall and throws a switch which lights up the show's title.

"Four Weddings and a Frog"

The crew gets the stage ready. Rizzo quietly hustles everyone around him.
Rizzo (to cameraman) Hurry, Fred, hustle, hustle ... now now now!
A. Ligator And now, here's the host of our show, Clifford!
The band plays the opening vamp as Clifford comes out to applause.
Rizzo Cue Clifford!
Clifford Hey, hey, how's everybody doin'? Yeah! Thank you, thank you. And welcome to Muppets Tonight, the show that believes in flying without a net.
Cannonballer Gonzo soars onto the stage and lands. He gets up ...
Gonzo (dizzy) Maybe we should rethink that belief. (faints)
Clifford (laughs) Any hue, our very special guest tonight is Andie MacDowell! (applause) Yeah! Give it up! Yeah, and here she is with Kermit in a clip from her new film, Four Weddings and a Frog. Let's watch, shall we?
The clip is shown on the monitor. The scene is at a wedding reception with couples dancing. Andie and Kermit sit at a table.
Man Congratulations.
Groom Cheers.
Kermit Gee, Carrie, I can't believe this is the fourth wedding I've seen you at.
Andie I know, Charles, and there's something I've wanted to do since I first met you.
Kermit Oh yeah?
She gives him a kiss.
Kermit Ooh. Wow, that was something. I'm obviously not the first frog you've ever kissed.
Andie Well, no, actually you're the 35th.
Kermit (flusters) What? I mean, really?
Andie Yeah. Well, let's see. Number one, we were really young, he was just a tadpole.
Kermit Mm-hm.
Andie Number two was in my biology class.
Kermit Oh, so he was your lab partner.
Andie No, he was sedated and pinned down. It ended badly.
Kermit (whimpers)
Andie And let's see, three, four, five, six ... he was a horny toad.
Kermit Uh huh.
Dissolve to later.
Andie Twenty-eight was in the kitchen of a French restaurant. (Kermit nods) Actually, that was more of a farewell dinner.
Kermit (whimpers) I hate when that happens.
Dissolve to later.
Andie Thirty-four was Jeremiah.
Kermit Jeremiah?
Andie Jeremiah was a bullfrog. He was a very good friend of mine.
Kermit And you never understood a single word he said ––
Guest (BH) (joins Kermit) –– but you helped him drink his wine?
Andie I have no idea what you're talking about.
Kermit Hmm.
Andie And then there was you.
Kermit Aww. And still no prince?
Andie No, but I'm still trying. (looks ahead) Who's next? Number thirty-six?

FROOGDG Uh, that's me. (shoves Kermit aside) Thank you.

Kermit walks away, passing a line of croaking frogs. Big Mean Carl is at the end of the line.
Carl Ribbit.

FROOGKC Hey! You're not a frog!

Carl Yes I am! (eats the frog)

Backstage / "Snoop Doggy Dew"

Rizzo and Kermit watch the clip on the monitor.
Rizzo Well. I guess we can cancel Carl's lunch order.
Bunsen bursts through the door, riding a motorcycle and dressed as a rapper.
Bunsen Dr. Dew is in the house!
Kermit What the ––?
Bunsen Kermit, my main man! What's the word?
Kermit The word? Well, uh, the word is confused! Are you feeling alright, Dr. Honeydew?
Bunsen (gets off the bike) Kermit, Dr. Dull is out. I've gotten in touch with my inner funk master, and his name is Snoop Doggy Dew. And look who's in the house ––
Kermit What?
The Fly Girls pop up.
Fly Girls Hey, Doggy Dew.
Bunsen The Fly Girls!
A beat drops; Bunsen starts to rap.

My name is Snoop Doggy Dew, here to set you straight!
In the annals of science, very few are great!

Bunsen and the Fly Girls make their way to an urban stage setting.
Fly Girls

♪ Dew, do-doo-doo-doo, Snoop Doggy Dew.
♪ Dew, do-doo-doo-doo, Snoop Doggy Dew.

Bunsen Yo, Fly Girls, kick it live!
Fly Girls

♪ Dew, do-doo-doo-doo, Snoop Doggy Dew.
♪ Dew, do-doo-doo-doo, Snoop Doggy Dew.


It's in everything I do and everything I say,
From my chubby little fingers to my DNA!

Fly Girls

♪ Dew, do-doo-doo-doo, Snoop Doggy Dew.
♪ Dew, do-doo-doo-doo, Snoop Doggy Dew.

Bunsen Kick me in the fly, live girls!
One of them kicks him. He sails past Zippity Zap and a script supervisor, landing in the control room and shorting out one of the U-matic decks.
Bunsen Off! Oh, I meant to say "Kick it live, Fly Girls".
Kermit Dr. Honeydew? Is everything okay? You're just not acting like yourself.
Bunsen Uh –– of course not, home fries! I've changed, man. Now I'm bad, I'm the bomb, I'm –– bleeding internally. Oh –– how do I say "ambulance" in street? (picks up a dictionary) I hope Beaker is having a better time than this.

Beaker's cruise

The conventioneers sit down for an announcement.
Emcee (BB) Okay, attention everyone. Can we get our seats please? (chuckles) Okay. Well, we just have a few announcements to make. The Klingon bathing suit competition has been canceled, uh, because, well, as we all know, uh, Klingons come from a planet that doesn't have any water, so, they wouldn't need bathing suits. (laughs)
Pan over to Beaker, sitting next to George Takei.
George Yes, the schedule changes are always my favorite part of the conventions too.
Beaker (meeps)
George Oh. Allow me to introduce myself. (shakes hands) I'm George Takei.
Beaker (gasps)
George Yes –– (chuckles) –– I played Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek series. (chuckles) A rather interesting story about how I got the role ... would you have a moment?
Beaker (nods enthusiastically )
George Well, I was a very young actor then ...


Kermit encounters Andie backstage; they walk together.
Andie Kermit. There you are.
Kermit Oh, hi there, Andie.
Andie Hi. You know, I have an idea for something I'd like to do on the show tonight.
Kermit Oh, anything you'd like, Andie, you name it.
Andie Well, as you know, I'm from South Carolina, and I thought it'd be kind of fun to do a sketch where I play a Southern belle.
Kermit Oh, that's a great idea. I'll get the writers right on it.
He opens a door to reveal a writer's room full of howling monkeys at a typewriter.
Kermit You hear that, guys? Southern belle!

The Hunchbear of Notre Dame

Open on Bobo in a belfry.
A. Ligator Muppet Classic Theater presents Andie MacDowell in The Hunchbear of Notre Dame.
Bobo Oh, what a sad life for me, Quasi-Bobo. Shut away from the world, with only the gargoyles and the bells for company. SANCTUARY!!
He rings the north bell.
Bobo To the north, big Marie!
He hobbles over and rings the west bell.
Bobo To the west, little Ricky!
He hobbles over to the south bell.
Bobo And my third and most precious of all bells, from the south!
He pulls the rope.
Andie Ding dong. Ding dong.
Bobo (looks up) "Ding dong"? Wha –– (laughs)
Pan up to Andie.
Bobo Oh, Andie, what are you doing up there?
Andie I'm not exactly sure. I told the writers I wanted to play a Southern belle, not a cathedral bell.
Bobo Oh, those writers! Heh! Don't worry! I'll go straighten it out. (hobbles away)
Andie Bobo? Don't leave me here alone. Bobo? Uh, there's a bat in here, Bobo!


Kermit, Clifford and Rizzo watch on a monitor, shaking their heads.
Andie Get away. Get away.
Clifford Man, that was the dumbest thing we've ever done.
Kermit No, I think perhaps you're forgetting Mr. Poodlepants and the Mormon Tabernacle Penguins.
Clifford (laughs with Rizzo) Yeah, you're right. That was really bad.
Rizzo Yeah, that was terrible.
Kermit Well, listen, you guys, put on something good, and I'm gonna go get Andie out of the belfry. (exits)
Clifford Right, right, right. Uh, Rizzo, go put something good on the air. (exits)
Rizzo You got it, chief. Hey Nigel, roll that tape of Mr. Poodlepants and the Mormon Tabernacle Penguins. (laughs)
The tape is shown. Mr. Poodlepants bows to applause as the penguins warble atop a podium.
Mr. Poodlepants Huh? Oh my goodness. (turns around, taps baton) Ahem. Yoo-hoo!
He conducts the penguins as they warble the Hallelujah Chorus.
Mr. Poodlepants Louder, louder, louder! Come on, you guys. (tosses the sheet music) I can't read this. Hoo-hoo!
The penguins start fighting.
Mr. Poodlepants Hey, stop that, you two! -– Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!
He tosses two penguins back up to the podium.
Mr. Poodlepants What's the matter with you? Get up there!
He continues conducting as the penguins jump.

"Pretty Bunsen"

Sal watches the tape backstage.
Sal Hey Johnny –– is that the weirdest thing you have ever seen?
Johnny Uh, no, Sal. That is.
He points to Bunsen, who emerges dressed as a punk rocker.
Bunsen Padoom!
Sal (flinches)
Bunsen Hey there, Fiama, which way to the mosh pit? I'm jonesin' for a slam dance.
Johnny (confused) Hey, that's quite an outfit you got there, Bun baby.
Bunsen Oh, I'm not Bunsen anymore. My new name is Fungus. And when I'm hanging out with my punk rock chums, I'm known as Fun-guy!
He laughs. Johnny pretends to laugh, then Bunsen starts sobbing on his shoulder.
Johnny Hey, hey ...
Bunsen Oh, help me, Johnny. I'm so confused.
Johnny Hey, Dr. Honeydew, hey, pull yourself together, pal.
Sal Yeah, and stop bawlin' all over Johnny's wingtips.
Johnny Oh, Sal, hey, c'mon, huh? Look, don't worry, Honeydew. You're just having what is known as a midlife crisis. I can help you with this. You know what they say, Bunsen ...
Bunsen No, what?
Johnny ... "Clothes make the man." And we're gonna make you a new man, so let's ... go get some new clothes, man.
Bunsen Good.
Sal Are you sure that's what they say, Johnny?
Johnny Hey, who cares? The man's desperate. Let's go shopping.
Bunsen Alright! Woohoo!
Sal Okay! Johnny Fiama's goin' shoppin'.
Johnny sings in voiceover to a backing track of "Pretty Woman", over a montage of Bunsen trying new outfits at a tailor's –– first a leotard, then a mariachi outfit, neither of which impress Johnny.
Johnny (singing)

♪ Pretty Bunsen –– not that I'm into that!
♪ Pretty Bunsen –– though you're bald and fat,
♪ Pretty Bunsen ––
♪ We're gonna make you look real cool.
♪ And all the chicks you know will drool!
♪ Badum ...

Next, he's a cowboy, then a sailor.
Johnny (singing)

♪ Pretty Bunsen –– though you're kinda strange,
♪ Pretty Bunsen –– aw, you gotta change, pal!
♪ Pretty Bunsen ––
♪ Are you as lonely as can be?
♪ We're gonna dress you up for free!

Johnny and Sal crack up at the sailor suit. Bunsen smacks Sal.
Johnny (singing)

♪ Pretty Bunsen wears that style.
♪ Pretty Bunsen, the chicks go wild.
♪ Pretty Bunsen, you're kooky as can be.

Bunsen finally emerges in a fancy Italian suit and toupee. Johnny gives a thumbs-up approval.
Johnny (singing)

♪ Pretty Bunsen, yeah yeah yeah ...
♪ Pretty Bunsen, oh yeah yeah ...
♪ Pretty Bunsen, oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah ...
♪ (scats) ... Pretty Bunsen.

The New Bunsen / Beaker's cruise cont'd

Backstage, Andie is dressed in a different outfit.
Andie Excuse me, do you work here?
Bill the Bubble Guy Oh, if you call this work –– (blows bubbles) –– Oh, look, it's a cocker spaniel.
Andie That's very nice. But, you know, I need to talk to someone about this next sketch. You see, they dressed me up as a Southern bellhop, when really, I wanted to be a Southern belle.
Bunsen (off-screen) You don't wanna play no Southern belle, doll.
Andie Who said that?
Bunsen emerges, accompanied by a smoke machine and lighting.
Bunsen I did. The name's Honeydew. Bunsen Honeydew. Baby, what you want is change. Capisce? (bats his eyebrow manually) Take it from someone who's been there. I had what you might call a "midlife crisis".
Andie Well, I'm having what you call a mid-show crisis.
Bunsen Hey, then come along with me and be anything you dare to be.
Andie Oh my, just thinking about it makes me feel all hot and flushed.
Pepe Ehh, that is because you're leaning on the hot plate, okay.
Andie Oh! Sorry.
Pepe That's okay ... (mumbles)
Bunsen Andie, are you ready to take a walk on the wild side?
Andie (sigh) ... Yes! Where do we start?
Bunsen Shall we tango?
Andie I don't tango. But I tap.
Bunsen Ahh, tap! The dance of danger!
A hip-hop beat plays. Andie and Bunsen start tapping.
Bunsen Hoo-hoo! WHOA!
Andie throws Bunsen in the air; he crashes through the ceiling, then falls down and gets up. He and Andie conclude their dance.
Bunsen Ohh, if only Beaker could see me now.
Switch to the cruise ship: George is still talking to Beaker, who is noticeably bored.
George ... which brings me to the time that I had to play "evil" Sulu in "Mirror, Mirror". Interesting story, that. Strangely enough, it began with a transporter malfunction. Oh, waitress? Two more sakes –– Sulu style, please.
Beaker (meeps)
George Oh, and a Spock-and-soda for my friend here. (laughs) Well, we discover a parallel universe in which evil creatures exist, and ...

Backstage / "Dancing In the Dark"

Clifford and Zippity Zap approach Kermit.
Clifford Yo, yo, Kerm! Kerm.
Kermit Yeah?
Clifford Listen, we gotta do something about Dr. Dew. He's becoming Dr. Loop-de-doo.
Kermit Oh, don't worry about him, Clifford. It's a classic mid-life crisis. You know, I went through the exact same thing back in the mid-80s?
Clifford Really? I can't imagine you going through something like that.
Kermit Oh, I can. Hey, Nigel, could you roll my mid-life crisis, please?
A tape is shown of Kermit as Bruce Springsteen singing "Dancing in the Dark" to a live audience. Miss Piggy is in the front row. As Kermit sings, he tries to pull Piggy up on stage, but she's so heavy that his arms stretch. Several stagehands assist with some rope, but to no avail.
Kermit Hey there, Piggy! -– I could use just a little help.
Piggy is lifted onto the stage with a forklift ... almost.
Stagehands Take her up, take her up ... oh no! Too heavy!
Piggy shakes off the rope and gets herself onstage, just as the song ends. Applause. Kermit bows.
Kermit Thank you! Oh, thank you very much! Thank you!
Miss Piggy Hey! Why did you stop dancing?
Kermit Oh, well, the music stopped, and my mid-life crisis is over. See ya.
He walks off, but she stops him in his tracks.
Miss Piggy Oh no, you don't! I took seven years of tap! We're tapping!
Kermit Oh, tap. The dance of danger.
The hip-hop music from an earlier scene plays as Piggy taps away.
Miss Piggy TAP!!
Kermit Okay! (taps along)

Beaker's cruise cont'd

Switch to the cruise ship. Statler and Waldorf watch the show on a portable TV.

STOOT I'm feeling a little nauseated. VOOLD Is it because of the motion of the boat? STOOT No, it's because of the jokes on the show!

They chuckle, then holler at a waitress. Pan over to a drunk George with a bored Beaker.
George And then there were the practical jokes! (laughs) Like the time they dressed up Leonard Nimoy's son as a little Vulcan boy, and brought him onto the set! (laughs) They have it on the blooper reel they'll be showing later this evening. (laughs)
Beaker (meeps)
George (stands up) ... Oh my. You've never seen the blooper reel? (Beaker shakes his head) Oh, it's rich! (laughs)
Suddenly the ship crashes. The passengers panic. A Trekkie in a Klingon costume frantically approaches George.
Trekkie (KT) Sulu! Sulu, we've been rammed by the Battlestar Galactica fantasy cruise ship! The captain's fallen overboard! We need you! Come on, everyone, to the lifeboats! (rushes away)
George Finally! Here's my chance to captain a real ship! Come, Beaker, to the bridge!
They suddenly spot Captain Kangaroo in front of them.
Captain Kangaroo Hello, George! Hello, Beaker.
George Captain Kangaroo. I was just about to assume command of the ship.
Captain Kangaroo Oh, well, I'm afraid that's not possible, George. You see, I'm the senior officer on this ship. You see, right now, I'm Commodore-of-the-Sector Kangaroo.
George Aye aye, Commodore.
Kangaroo attempts to give the Vulcan salute.
Captain Kangaroo Live long and prosper, George. (walks off)
George Mr. Beaker? Set ego for "bruised".
Beaker hugs him.

Backstage / Bunsen's adventure

Clifford approaches Zippity and Rizzo.
Clifford Hey Rizzo!
Rizzo Whoa! Hmm?
Clifford Have you seen Andie MacDowell?
Rizzo Hey, the last time I saw her, she was with Bunsen Honeydew and they were leaving the studio together, real cozy! (laughs with Zippity)
Clifford What do you know about cozy? You're a rat.
Rizzo Hey, man, I got 121 kids. I know cozy.
Switch to a lake. Bunsen and Andie ride a speedboat.
Andie I never knew life could be so thrilling!
Bunsen Ho-ho! You ain't seen nothing yet, sister! Look –– no hands! (tosses glasses) No eyes!
Andie Oh, Bunsen, you're incorrigible!
She clutches him in excitement.
Bunsen I can't see! Let go!
Andie Oh! Baby!
The speedboat lands in a forest and explodes. Andie and Bunsen crawl out of the wreckage, charred.
Andie Whoa! I don't think I've ever seen anybody dock a boat in quite that way! That was invigorating!
Bunsen Oh yeah? Well, it could've been even more invigoratin', had that motor blade not lacerated my spleen! (groans)
Andie Oh, Bunsen, look! An outdoor carnival! Oh, what a turn-on!
Bunsen Oh! Race you to the tilt-a-whirl!
Fade to later at the carnival. Andie carries a stuffed bear.
Bunsen Look, Andie! I've just had my big head caricature done, and they've got me playing golf in scuba gear. (laughs) How wacky can you get? (laughs) Now it's your turn!
Andie Oh, big head caricatures are lame! Let's bungee jump instead! We could bounce up and down, and over and over, till we hurl! (leads him away)
Bunsen Is that a good thing in our exciting new life?
Fade to later, on a seedy urban street.
Bunsen This is a pretty bad part of town. I think we took a wrong turn back at that burned-down liquor store.
Andie Sure, this part of town looks dangerous, but it makes me want to do something wild.
Bunsen Hey, I know. Let's break into that pet store and set all the bunnies free. (giggles)
Andie Bunnies are for saps. Let's go get our body pierced.
Bunsen (exhausted) Don't you think we should be maybe getting back to the show?
Andie Are we still doing the show? I hadn't noticed. Now pick a part. We're getting it pierced. (drags him away)
Bunsen Maybe I'll just watch!


Kermit and Rizzo glance at the script that the monkeys have just written.
Kermit "Exterior, Atlanta, 1865, the city burns." (nods) Yeah! That's more like it, guys. Andie MacDowell wanted to be a Southern belle, and a Southern belle she shall be. (the monkeys chatter) Rizzo, go round up the cast and find Andie.
Rizzo Right, chief. (exits)
Kermit Hey, you guys did really good. You can go touch the monolith now.
The monkeys screech excitedly and rush to the monolith as "Also Sprach Zarathustra" plays. They start striking it with bones and other objects; one has a bunch of bananas.
Kermit I'll never know what they see in that thing. Eesh. (walks off)

Carl the Big Mean Psychic

Clifford takes the stage.
Clifford And now, Muppets Tonight is proud to present, Carl the Big Mean Psychic! Give it up!
Applause and a fanfare as Carl enters with a bird.
Big Mean Carl Hi! I'm Carl, and I'm psychic.
Alphonso Hi! I'm Alphonso D'Abruzzo and we've never met. (squawks)
Big Mean Carl And, and, and I'm gonna tell Alphonso's future.
Alphonso Aah!
Big Mean Carl (grabs the bird) Okay, okay. Um, I sense that you're a Virgo who'll be eaten whole.
Alphonso (wriggles) I find that hard to swallow.
Big Mean Carl I don't. (eats the bird, belches) Thank you! (bows)


Kermit and Clifford make chit-chat as the stage is set for the "Southern belle" sketch. Andie arrives with Bunsen.
Kermit Oh, here she comes. Uh, hi there, Andie, there you are. Uh, listen, we've got that uh, "Southern belle" sketch sorted out you were interested in.
Andie Southern belle? I don't wanna do that. It's so ... twenty minutes ago.
Clifford (stammers) But Andie, you've gotta do it! I mean, you know, the writers wrote a great scene, and the set is all done.
Andie Alright, fine! I'll do it. But we want it to have an edge, right, Bunsen?
Bunsen Speaking of edge ... I think I'm teetering on it! (sobs)
Andie That's my boy. (manhandles him)
Fade to later. Andie and Bunsen walk on the set.
Andie Okay, the shark tank'll be over there, and I'll be suspended over it. Bunsen honey, you're running on flaming hot coals, and then I'll douse you with �––
Bunsen Wait, wait –– that's it! Hold it! Stop it! I can't do this anymore! This hair, these clothes –– they are not me! (removes the hair)
Andie Then who are you?
Bunsen I'm Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, MD, PhD, DDS, colon-backslash-www-dot-com. And that's who I'll always be.
Andie Well, alright, Bunsen, I'll respect that, but as for me, there's still a lot more adventures out there. I wanna climb the alps! I wanna run with the bulls in Pamplona! I wanna sit through a Pauly Shore movie!
Bunsen That's it, she's snapped.
Andie And although I've had a wonderful time with you, Bunsen, it's time for me to get on my chopper and go.
Bunsen You have a motorcycle?
Andie (grins) Well –– not exactly.
A helicopter lowers a ladder and she climbs onto it.
Bunsen But Andie! Andie, where will you go? What will you do?
Andie Frankly, my Dew, I don't give a dear!
She blows him a kiss and is lifted by the copter. Kermit, Clifford, and the monkeys, including Sal, see her off.
Bunsen Well, there she goes, gentlemen. Andie MacDowell, gone with the wind.
Clifford Well, I guess she got to play a Southern belle after all.
Kermit Hey, you writers did a great job.
Sal Wait a second, Kermit! You let a bunch of monkeys write this show?
Kermit Actually, they're all producers. Last one to the monolith buys the bananas!
The monkeys all run off howling. Sal follows.
Sal Hey! None of youse better touch my monolith!


George and Beaker are stranded at the North Pole, surrounded by penguins. Beaker shows signs of agony.
George Now of course, the episode "Bread and Circuses" was an absolute classic. Captain Kirk did save the day, yes, but, at the crucial moment, Sulu presses that button on the com ...
Beaker (meeps "Beam me up!" into com)
George Did you say "Meep me up"?
Beaker Mee mee moo.
George What does that mean?
Beaker is immediately beamed up.
George Hmph. What a dull fellow. "Meep meep meep!" I thought he'd never leave.
The penguins surround George. He talks to one next to him.
George Oh! Hello, my little friend. (the penguin warbles) Yes, yes, I am George Takei. I did play Sulu on Star Trek. Rather interesting story how I got that role ... would you have a moment?
The penguins ditch him. The credits roll, with outtakes from "Four Weddings" and the "Southern belle" scene.
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