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The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 14, 2016
Writer Luis Santeiro
Director Simon Gibney
Releases Elmo's World: Elmo Explores

The Furchester is holding a "Space Alien Party" tonight and Elmo and Phoebe pose as a pair of alien twins, complete with their own spaceship. They wish some real aliens would come and see it. When they're gone, an actual spaceship flies over the Furchester, bringing two Yip-Yips. They spot the fake spaceship and land in the garden.

The aliens materialize into the party, where they're mistaken for guests with very detailed costumes. Funella declares them the winners of their costume contest, earning them the prize of cookies from Cookie Monster. The aliens are confused, which Cookie assumes is them committing to character and demonstrates how to eat his star cookies. Elmo and Phoebe witness the aliens using telepathy to take more cookies and eat them. They try to tell everyone there are real aliens at the party, but the Yip-Yips disappear before anyone can see.

Phoebe gets an idea: if they lay out more cookies, the Yip-Yips will return to eat them. Sure enough, they reappear when Cookie Monster puts out some moon cookies and everyone witnesses their abilities. The Yip-Yips then must take off, but beam up Cookie Monster's last batch of cookies before they leave.


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