The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 15, 2016
Writer Ian Carney
Director Simon Gibney

A cat named Precious is checking into the Furchester, immediately having the monsters carry her and her immense luggage to the "Cat's Meow Suite," leaving the front desk unattended. Once there, she has them plump her pillows and unload her baggage. Back downstairs, Funella tries to tend to Harvey P. Dull's newspaper request, but Phoebe reports that Precious wants a ball of yarn, as well as a personal service bell. Funella brings Isabel along to the room, which Precious finds preferable (since Isabel can ring on her own, she won't have to lift a paw).

Cookie Monster provides some room service, which turns out not to be to her liking. When her ball of yarn is delivered, she asks that Elmo and Phoebe play with it. She also requests a much bigger bell, so she can be heard easier and has Gonger's gong sent over, which sends the Tea Time Monsters into a frenzy.

The Furchesters are run ragged and find the lobby is full of guests in need. It's a catastrophe! Phoebe proposes they teach Precious how to perform tasks on her own. Elmo and Phoebe show her how to brush her teeth, which she finds enjoyable. The Furchesters are glad their problem is solved, until they hear Precious' gong go off again. She instead calls them in to show off how she can gong on her own.


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