Bear in the Big Blue House
212 Bear's Birthday Bash.JPG
Premiere December 9, 1998
Written by Andy Yerkes
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Giving

It's Bear's birthday. He goes to check the mail and finds a nice card from his friend Ursa. He then settles in to enjoy a relaxing day. He wants to do nothing at all, but the kids of the Big Blue House have other ideas. When they find out about Bear's plans for the day, they talk about just what they can do to show Bear how much they appreciate him. Ojo decides that they should give him a surprise party. With our help, they work hard to put together the party, while making sure the surprise isn't spoiled. Shadow even helps out, first by distracting Bear and then by telling him a story about the children of the week.




  • This episode contains many references to "Mouse Party" from the first season. It features the same basic idea of giving someone a surprise party. The characters generally fall into the same party-preparation roles they had in that episode. Tutter, joining in on the preparations this time, prepares a four-cheese cheesecake (the same type of cake he had at his party) with the aid of the book Cooking with Cheese. He was seen reading from this book in the song "When I'm Older" in "Mouse Party." Pip and Pop once again get tangled up in the decorations. Finally, the kids perform for Bear the "Happy, Happy Birthday" song that was heard in "Mouse Party."
  • In the closing credits, "Happy, Happy Birthday" appears by that title; it was listed in the closing credits of "Mouse Party" as "The Birthday Song".
  • In order to find a way to keep Bear upstairs while everyone works on the party, Ojo sings Shadow's song (with the help of the viewers), whereas Bear just asks if the viewers see Shadow.

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