The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 16, 2016
Writer Mark Saltzman
Director Richard Bradley
Releases Elmo's World: Elmo Explores

The Furchesters prepare for a visit from Count von Count by bringing out loads of towels and sheep for him to count upon his arrival. The Count enters and reunites with Elmo and Cookie Monster, who introduce him to the family. He begins counting as usual, when his wife, the Countess, enters and stops him. She tells them he's been counting too much back home and they've taken this vacation to get away from counting. Funella treats the Countess to the hotel spa, while Elmo and Phoebe escort the Count to his room.

Elmo and Phoebe have removed every item from the Count's room so he can't count anything (except for the bed). They leave him to rest, but find he's immediately started counting his pet bats. They bring him to the dining room to eat instead and Cookie Monster gobbles the cookies the Count can't count. Despite this, he starts counting sandwiches.

The Furchesters think of a way to keep the Count's mind off counting. Since he also enjoys fixing things, Furgus invites him to help repair the lift. But, the Count is soon sidetracked, counting the Tea Time Monsters as they run through the lobby. The Countess is displeased to see this and decides they must check out. Funella shows off the "welcome" tune she's been practicing on her accordion. The music makes the Count feel like dancing instead of counting, making a fine solution. Everyone dances along with the Count and Countess.


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