Air Date January 8, 1992
Written by Victor Fresco
Director Tom Trbovich

Fran calls a phone-in TV advice show with a suggestion for the host, which impressed the network so much they fire the host and name Fran as his replacement. Fran's anecdotes over the air expose Earl to ridicule at work. While Earl takes the teasing from the guys in stride, his boss says that Fran is becoming dangerous giving "input" to women, and pressures Earl to pressure Fran into resigning from her show.

Guest Stars


  • Taped on December 6, 1991.
  • Whenever Fran gets a show replacing Frank's show, and vice versa, the logo, seen on the wall in the background, only changes slightly. With "Fran" having only one letter less than "Frank", the K was just taken off, and the verb is replaced.

Seen on TV

Dirty Dare, a parody of Double Dare.
Just Listenin' with Frank, a call-in show hosted by a Dinosaur named Frank, who just listens to callers but doesn't do anything about their problems.
Just Advisin' with Fran, hosted by Fran Sinclair, who actually gives advice to the callers.
Just Throwin' with Frank, a talk-show hosted by Frank that involves couples that don't get along resolving their problems by throwing objects at each other.

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