Bear in the Big Blue House
214 The Big Blue Housecall
Premiere December 14, 1998
Written by Chris Moore
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Doctors
Book.The Big Blue House Call

The 2000 storybook adaptation.

Doc Hogg pays a special visit to the Big Blue House to give everyone a checkup. Before he arrives, Pip and Pop dress up as doctors and pretend to give a checkup to Treelo. Bear tells the viewers all about Doc Hogg and what doctors do. Later, Doc Hogg gives everyone their checkup, but Ojo seems to have disappeared. Bear finds her hiding with Snow Bear --- it turns out that she's scared of getting a shot. Bear helps her out by teaching her a special song that Doc Hogg once taught him.


  • Old Doc Hogg
  • Everybody Say Ah
  • Just Say Ow


  • This episode was adapted in book form as The Big Blue House Call.
  • There is no Shadow segment in this episode.
  • The dog in the Shadow Projects logo in the closing credits laughs like Doc Hogg.

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