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Bear in the Big Blue House
Change is in the Air Title Card.jpg
Premiere December 22, 1998
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Change

Bear has been planning on a visit from Doc Hogg, but finds his plans disrupted when a spate of colds at the swamp forces Doc Hogg to change his plans. Later, Doc Hogg calls up to say that Doc Owl took care of the problem so he can come over, only to call again because he missed his bus. Meanwhile, the kids of the Big Blue House find themselves dealing with change as well. Tutter and Treelo explore the idea of eating cheese in the form of a ball instead of wedges or slices. Pip and Pop try to find a new game once they get bored with their old one. Ojo finds that she adjust to adjust her favorite cap, because she's growing.



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