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Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 9, 1984
Written by David Young
Director Eric Till


Gobo finds Doc's radio, which the Fraggles think is the voice of a magic wish-bringer. The commercials on the radio tell the Fraggles to come to Manny's Land of Carpets, where you can get anything you want. The Fraggles are all set to go when another commercial tells Large Marvin Fraggle to get all he can eat at Bubba's Burger Barn. Another one tells Boober Fraggle about Sally Spotless Cleaners. The resulting schism threatens to split the Fraggles forever.

Fraggle Facts

  • The Fraggles have a childlike understanding of human technology. When they see the radio, they think that there's a little person inside speaking to them.


  • In a previous episode "Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk" Gobo cried out "Hey look! There's Santa Claus!" so he could distract Sprocket. But in this episode Santa is actually seen in the postcard story, but he's called the Wish-Granting Creature.
  • The radio in this episode makes a "cameo" in A Muppet Family Christmas; it can be seen on the windowsill in Emily Bear's living room when Doc, Kermit, Sprocket, The Count, and Robin are looking out at the snowstorm while Kermit worries about Miss Piggy.

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