The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 18, 2016
Writer Rob Jenkinson
Director Richard Bradley

The Tea Time Monsters leave the Furchester to go to a tea party at another hotel. Funella is distraught, but Phoebe assures her there could be more guests soon. Funella consults their guestbook and finds that there are no incoming guests for the next few days. For the first time ever, the Furchester is empty (except for Harvey P. Dull, who she completely ignores). She copes with the situation by hugging all the furniture in song.

Elmo, Phoebe and Furgus put their furry heads together and think of a solution. Since they have no guests, they simply need to find some. Cookie Monster proposes they promise cookies and sure enough, patrons arrive when Furgus announces it to the city. However, they merely eat their cookies and dash out, preventing Funella from welcoming any of them. Phoebe reminds her over Mr. Dull's presence and she takes him to the dining room for some pampering. He orders a slice of toast, but she believes he deserves more. Cookie ends up spilling toast all over Mr. Dull, who retreats to his room.

Phoebe thinks they can passes themselves off as guests so Funella can have people to welcome. The plan starts to work, until Elmo's typical speech pattern gives away their true identities. Funella is touched and gives them all a hug. Gonger bangs his gong for tea time and the monsters return, claiming their excursion was only for the day.


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Power Cut A Furchester Christmas
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