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The Furchester Hotel
Air date December 15, 2016
Writer Belinda Ward
Director Richard Bradley

It's Christmas Eve at the Furchester and everyone is excited, especially Harvey P. Dull, who couldn't possibly be curmudgeonly this time of year. The Furchesters have many things planned for their annual celebration, when Big Bird realizes something - he never told Santa Claus he'd be away from Sesame Street that Christmas, meaning he won't deliver his presents to the hotel. Elmo realizes he did the same and the two become sad. Unfortunately, they can't remind Santa via air mail (the delivery bird will take too long) and Santa's phone lines are all busy. Phoebe proposes they move onto the traditions to keep their minds off Santa.

The family and Big Bird start caroling to the guests, who realize that they too forgot to remind Santa of their whereabouts, making them all sad. Funella and Furgus cut the caroling short to move onto decorating the tree. Everyone seems in good spirits, until Big Bird notices the tree topper is Santa, upsetting everyone, including The Count, who is now in the same situation.

Cookie Monster leads everyone to the dining room, where Gonger has prepared a slew of Christmas cookies. The ones for Santa set everyone off again, now including Cookie Monster, who ends up eating the cookies. Phoebe becomes frustrated that all of her favorite traditions were cut short and storms off to her room, declaring Christmas to be ruined. Mr. Dull, unaware of what's been going on, tells Elmo and Big Bird that Christmas is more than presents and with a "Feather-wubba!", Big Bird becomes inspired to salvage what's left of the holiday.

As Funella and Furgus comfort Phoebe, they hear everyone outside caroling. Phoebe is touched and declares this the best Christmas ever. Everyone helps decorate the tree, then heads off to bed. Sure enough, Santa Claus visits the hotel and leaves everyone with the gifts they all wished for.


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  • This episode is a special double-length one.

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