Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 16, 1984
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director George Bloomfield


After successfully trapping Mokey Fraggle and Red Fraggle during their radish gathering, Junior Gorg is visited by Wander McMooch, an evil toad who plans to create a housing development on the Gorgs' land. When McMooch persuades Junior to sell the Gorgs' Castle in exchange for fake Peas of Power, the Gorgs are forced to leave their home. Now the Gorgs' only way to reclaim their castle lies in the unlikely help of Mokey and Red.

Meanwhile, Doc buys a Dog Feeder for Sprocket that doesn't seem to work.

Fraggle Facts

  • As the old Gorg legend has it, a Gorg prince has to grow his bride by planting the Peas of Power, which will turn into a Gorg princess when the first rays of dawn hit them.
  • Gorgs live a very long time. Junior's age is revealed in this episode.. 453! But even Junior is confused as to his exact age, later (in the same episode) saying he is 473.


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