Bear in the Big Blue House
216 Look What I Made.JPG
Premiere December 24, 1998
Written by Chris Moore
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Inventing

At the Big Blue House, Bear finds that his friends are all making inventions. Tutter has decided to create a "mouseapult," hoping to reach the cheese drawer more easily. He finds that it still has some kinks to work out. Ojo and Treelo create a device called an "everything machine." It's just pretend, but it's still a lot of fun. Additionally, Bear finds that Pip and Pop's ball is stuck in a tree, but he finds that he's not quite tall enough to reach it. He ends up inventing a ball-grabber device, but it turns out to be more of an "everything-grabber."



  • Treelo appears at the end of the episode, flexing Bear's "everything-grabber" and saying "grabby grabby." During the closing credits, the dog in the Shadow Projects logo also says this in Treelo's voice.


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