Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 23, 1984
Written by Laura Phillips
Director George Bloomfield

The World's Oldest Fraggle leads the Fraggles against the Cave Fraggles.


Beige Fraggle with Mokey as his prisoner

When Red and Mokey go on a camping trip, they discover Fraggle Cave -- the home of gray and brown Fraggles who don't like to play and have no sense of humor. The Cave Fraggles capture Mokey and take her as their prisoner. When Red goes back to the Rock to get help, The World's Oldest Fraggle insists on renewing an age-old war against The Cave Fraggles.

Meanwhile, Doc ends up in a prank war with Ned Shimmelfinney.

Fraggle Facts

  • The war between the Rock and Cave Fraggles dates back to antiquity. Even the World's Oldest Fraggle hardly remembers the war. The un-Fragglish war got so bad that they even created a weapon to use against the Cave Fraggles.


  • Gobo is on an exploring trip at Golden Grotto for the entire episode and none of Jerry Nelson's characters appear.

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