The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 6, 2017
Writer Howard Read and Chris Chantler
Director Julian Kemp

Funella shows off a new song she's writing to welcome guests. She and her family sing the first verse she's written so far and she goes to work on the rest. Harvey P. Dull finds it very catchy and soon, it becomes all he can think about. He's unable to read his book while singing the song, so Furgus suggests he take a stroll through the garden to clear his mind, which ultimately doesn't work. Phoebe recommends he sing a different song and Cookie Monster teaches him the "Cookie Cookie Yum Yum" song. The scheme works, but Furgus happens by singing the welcome sing, placing it right back in Mr. Dull's head.

Furgus fetches his bagpipes, which are very distracting (according to Funella). This seems to work fine, until the Tea Time Monsters make their way out of the lift, singing the welcome song. Elmo has an idea: Mr. Dull can count to get the song out of his head. It works fine, until Funella returns, having finished her song and sets Mr. Dull off singing and dancing.

As they put their furry heads together and think of a solution, Phoebe realizes that if Mr. Dull hears the entire song, it will be completed in his head as well. Funella leads the entire hotel in the completed song. Mr. Dull is no longer thinking about it and happily goes back to reading his book.


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