Bear in the Big Blue House
217 If At First You Don't Succeed...
Premiere February 16, 1998
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Jim Martin
Theme Practice

When Ojo decides to pretend that she's a big bear, Bear invites her to join him on a berry-picking expedition at the Otter Pond. He's going to make a triple-berry pie, but first needs the most important ingredients. He teaches Ojo the essentials --- showing her what types of berries are good to pick. After she learns the basics, Bear leaves her to the picking so he can prepare the crust for the pie. He and Ojo also find that Pip and Pop are trying something new. They each have a new toy --- their very own otter hoops. When they can't them to work, they express concern that they're broken. Bear and Ojo help them to see that often you have to practice at something before you can be good at it. In the Shadow segment, Shadow puts her spin on "Here We Go 'round the Mulberry Bush." In her version, a dog and a woman are washing clothes by hand, but decide instead to take them to a laundromat. They're then freed up to go perform in a circus, until a man sends them back to work on the laundry.



  • Tutter and Treelo are absent from this episode.
  • Geoffrey Holder is credited, presumably by mistake since Ray did not appear in this episode.
  • Ojo joins in Bear's routine of sniffing the viewer in the opening. Later, with Bear's guidance, she introduces the episode's segment featuring real kids.

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