Bear in the Big Blue House
218 All Weather Bear
Written by P. Kevin Strader and Andy Yerkes
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Weather

Last night there was a big storm, but today it's a warm, sunny day outside, so Bear and the kids have decided to go swimming out at the Otter Pond. They've even come up with something tempt Tutter out of the Big Blue House and into the water --- a floating chair that even includes a place for him to put his cheesarita. Everyone goes outside for some summer fun, but they find that the pond is covered in debris blown in by the storm --- leaves and branches everywhere. They all work together to clean it up, but then it starts raining. Tutter scatters at the first sign of rain. Pip and Pop want to stay outside, but when the lightning comes, in they go. Inside, Ojo and Treelo find themselves bored, until Bear gets their imaginations going for a weather-filled trip to Ojo Island. Pip and Pop despair the rain, but learn that without the rain, they could never have fun at the pond. Then, once the rain stops, Ray provides a special surprise for everyone.




  • In "Summer Cooler," Tutter creates his own swimming club using the kitchen sink and remains inside on a summer day. In this episode, Bear and the kids finally manage to tempt him to go outside for a swim in the pond.

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