The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 6, 2017
Writer Isabel Fey
Director Simon Gibney

Elmo is excited because today, he will be allowed to push the luggage trolley all by himself. However, his overgrown fur covers his eyes and makes it hard for him to find it. By sheer coincidence, world famous furcut expert Vidal Racoon is visiting the Furchester and performing complementary furcuts (each furcut comes with a cookie, attracting Cookie Monster). Vidal arrives and begins giving furcuts to the staff, who look much different to Elmo now. He tries to escape getting his own furcut by tending to his trolley duties, but ends up crashing.

Elmo admits he doesn't want a furcut because it will make him look different; Elmo likes the way he looks already. Phoebe tells him whenever she gets a furcut, she makes sure her instructions to the barber are clear. She decides to get a trim of her own, telling Vidal she still wants to keep her look. She comes out looking the same, inspiring Elmo to get his furcut now. Vidal lobbs off Elmo's excess fur, allowing him to see. As he pushes the luggage trolley around, Cookie returns for another furcut, sporting a new hairdo. Vidal has run out, so Cookie eats the plate instead.


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