Air Date February 26, 1992
Written by Steve Pepoon
Director Bruce Bilson

A sweeping miniseries!

A petty territorial dispute and the struggle to keep the supply of pistachios at acceptable quality between our two-legged dinosaurs and the four leggers across the swamp escalates into the first war ever. Robbie is selected to go into the 'Nuts To War' war, but Fran is worried that Robbie will be killed in the war. So she decides to let Earl and Roy go to the battlefield and immediately check on Robbie. Meanwhile, Baby is angry that a "cookie creature" keeps stealing his Gingerbread cookies.

To be continued...

Guest Stars


  • Taped January 16, 1992.
  • The episode title, dramatic opening credits introducing the cast, and narration parody the miniseries The Winds of War (and its sequel, War and Remembrance).

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The Last Temptation of Ethyl Nuts to War (part 2)
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