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Muppet Babies
Air Date July 24, 2020[1]
Written by Hanah Lee Cook (pt. 1)
Ghia Godfree (pt. 2)
Director Guy Moore

Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog

When Kermit wishes he hadn't donated his toy banjo to a good cause, Agent Fabulous recruits him as Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog in order to retrieve it from Oddfoz and Dr. Nose, two henchmen hired by the mysterious Miss N.

Along the way he receives help from two scientists, Undercover Agent Purple Bird, and a certain (previously acquainted) gentleman who lends him his vehicle. Polliwog Robin also appears, as do Chef and Rizzo in silent cameos.

  • "Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog" performed by off-screen vocalist

A Tale of Two Twins

When Scooter and Skeeter visit, the other babies have different ideas for what might be fun for each of them to play, dragging Scooter to a tricycle race with the boys, and Skeeter to a spa day with the girls. In order to be true to themselves and not hurt the others' feelings, the twins secretly switch places, only to learn that telling the truth is ultimately a much easier way to achieve their goal.


  • "Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog" parodies the spy movie genre, specifically the James Bond movie series.
  • The episode features two different designs for Chef, with the old, hairless photograph hanging in the pizzeria where Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog meets up with Undercover Agent Purple Bird, as well as the updated animated character walking through the train scene in a silent cameo.
  • While "A Tale of Two Twins" challenges perceived and socially established gender stereotypes, it makes use of the show's regular back-and-forth transitions from the characters' reality to their imagination with a rainbow tornado "transforming" the twins.

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