The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 6, 2017
Writer Ian Carney
Director Julian Kemp

Sir Gary, a Knight of the Triangular Table, checks into the Furchester, hoping to help out with the many problems he's heard so much about. As Elmo and Phoebe lead him to the Chivalry Suite, he finds that potential problems have solved themselves and there isn't much adventuring to be done. Elmo and Phoebe report back to Furgus about Sir Gary's disappointed state and believe he can be happy if they create a problem for him to solve.

Elmo and Phoebe return to his room, reporting that a damsel (Cookie Monster) has lost her giant cookie. Their quest leads them to the lobby, where they have no luck. SIr Gary leads them to "the Land of the Large Leaves" (the garden), where they find the cookie behind the rose bush. Just as Furgus arrives, pretending to be a king with lost keys to the tool cupboard, Elmo lets it slip that the problems have been fake. Sir Gary decides to check out and find another hotel with real problems a knight like he can solve.

Just as Sir Gary heads out, Mrs. Bellflap alerts the staff that her duckling, Webster, got stuck atop a bookshell while learning to fly. Sir Gary hears the calls of distress and returns to help. Phoebe proposes they use his cloak as a net, which catches Webster as he leaps down. Sir Gary, though pleased with his work, decides to check out anyway, seeing the hotel already has problem solvers - Elmo and Phoebe, whom he dubs "Sir Elmo" and "Lady Phoebe," Knights of the Furchester. Elmo and Phoebe have their work cut out for them, as Webster has already found himself stuck up a tree already.


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