Fraggle Rock
Air Date May 14, 1984
Written by Susan Juhl and Jerry Juhl
Director George Bloomfield

Mokey and Red decide to move in together, but they're completely different. They try very hard to share their activities and agree all the time, but the pressure gets to be too much for them.

Meanwhile, Doc is displeased that an old house across the street will end up converted into a bed and breakfast.

Fraggle Facts

  • Red and Mokey search for a new cave to share, and they find a previously unknown cave that looks out right over the Great Hall. It's very unlikely that such an attractive piece of real estate would remain undiscovered, especially since so much of Fraggle Rock has been explored. This suggests that the Rock magically changes its geography to suit the Fraggles' needs, a fact that becomes very important at the end of the series.


  • This episode also marks the introduction of Ms. Ardath and her Airedale Marigold, who serve as Doc and Sprocket's love interests for the rest of the series. Ms. Ardath moves into the neighborhood and opens a bed-and-breakfast, which infuriates Doc until he meets the charming Ms. Ardath.
  • According to a postcard from Gobo's Uncle Traveling Matt, Matt explores a bedroom of two girls named Jenny and Joanna, whose mother orders them to clean up their room. Meanwhile, thinking of this as a good hiding place, Matt hides in their toy chest as the girls tidy up their room and put their toys in the chest.

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