The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 7, 2017
Writer Andy Potter and Tony Reed
Director Richard Bradley

Famous avian magician The Great Featherini poofs into the Furchester for an upcoming performance. He wows the Furchester family with his tricks, while his disgruntled assistant, Arthur, lugs around the supplies and is told he's not ready to perform magic on his own. Featherini demonstrates how he makes Arthur disappear, but when he tries making him re-appear, he seems to have completely vanished. They all split up and look for him.

Elmo and Phoebe come across Arthur hiding out in the kitchen. He admits he's tired of being a mere assistant and wants to perform magic on his own, cutting ties with Featherini. Meanwhile, Furgus and Featherini's search has been futile, when Furgus recommends he simply find a new partner. Cookie Monster volunteers (calling himself "Cookie Monsterini") and demonstrates how he makes a cookie disappear (by eating it, of course). Featherini passes, but hears some commotion from the dining room.

They find Arthur entertaining everyone with his own tricks and he admits that he wants to move on. Featherini believes he's earned his own magician's hat, sad to see him depart. Phoebe proposes that the two stick together and form a double act, with her and Elmo as their assistants. At their magic show, they make the two monsters appear from thin air. When it comes time to make them disappear, they're instead swept off by The Tea Time Monsters, which works effectively enough.


Supporting Cast

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