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Muppet Babies
Air Date August 21, 2020[1]
Written by Max Beaudry & Francisco Paredes (pt. 1)
Max Beaudry, Ghia Godfree & Francisco Paredes (pt. 2)
Director Guy Moore

Sherlock Nose

After learning about solving mysteries from a picture book about Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Nose and his mustachioed assistant Frogson are on the case of Miss Nanny's broken flower pot.

The duo fears that if they fail to crack the case, Potato will be the sole suspect and potentially be banned from the Nursery once Nanny finds out. But suspects Summer, Animal, Fozzie and Piggy all seem to be able to provide airtight alibis.

Block Busters

Piggy is jealous when Mr. Manny keeps getting distracted from playing Butterfly Tag with her. Animal once again plays giant, destructive Animal Kong. Rizzo, Mr. Statler, and Mr. Waldorf make guest appearances, while Rowlf and Sweetums appear in silent cameos at the Muppet Theatre.



  • With this episode being the second season finale, besides Mr. Manny, Rizzo, and Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf, a few other guest characters from previous episodes appear in silent cameos during the song "Look at Me!," such as Rowlf, Sweetums, and a carousel statue of Phineas T. Cup.

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