The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 8, 2017
Writer Ron Holsey
Director Simon Gibney

Funella informs incoming guest Mr. Baabottom that tonight, the Furchester is holding its first-ever talent show, allowing anyone to perform. Elmo practices his drumming, while Cookie Monster signs up for his talent - eating cookies. Elmo wants everyone in the hotel to sign up and realizes Harvey P. Dull has yet to do so. He admits he doesn't have a talent and goes to his room, though Phoebe is optimistic that he'll change his mind.

Elmo and Phoebe sign up nearly everyone in the hotel, when they hear singing coming from Mr. Dull's room. He turns out to be a fine singer, but he claims he can only sing in the shower and chokes up in front of a crowd. Elmo and Phoebe think of a way to solve the problem. They bring him to the dining room and have all the guests face away from him, thinking it will help, but he can't sing a note. He believes he'll feel calmer in his chair with his book, but he still can't find himself singing.

The talent show begins, as everyone performs their unique acts (Elmo drums, Cookie Monster eats cookies, Phoebe plays the xylophone, a ventriloquist and his dummy tell jokes and the Tea Time Monsters perform a ballet routine). Mr. Dull still can't work up the nerve to get onstage. They think that since he can only sing in the shower, they should bring the shower onto the stage. Mr. Dull reluctantly goes along with it and from inside the shower, performs a moving aria that the crowd adores.


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