The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 11, 2017
Writer Michael J. Goldberg
Director Richard Bradley

Funella is looking forward to a special family dinner tonight. Harvey P. Dull points out that if the family is at dinner, no one will service the front desk. She recruits him to watch it and even moves his favorite chair right by it. As the family gathers at the table, everyone but Funella are taken away to tend to the needs of the guests, each promising to return shortly. Funella herself then leaves to show Mr. Dull how to properly welcome incoming guests, giving him a feather boa to give them a "fluffy" welcome.

Just as the guests' needs are tended to, the monsters sit down for dinner. Elmo notices Cookie Monster is absent and they soon find he's crashed his room service cart into Mr. Dull's chair. The monsters all split up again to solve the current problems, leaving Funella alone. It's a catastrophe!

They try to think of a way they can have dinner and still tend to the guests. Cookie suggests skipping dinner, so they can go straight to dessert. Mr. Dull quips all the guests should just check out for the night, a thought Funella scolds him for. Phoebe thinks that instead of asking everyone to leave, they should invite them to dinner. Funella calls out all the guests and invites them to a hotel-wide family dinner.


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