The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 12, 2017
Writer Steve Cannon
Director Julian Kemp

The Furchester guests and staff prepare for bedtime, which is when the night manager takes over the managerial responsibilities of the hotel. However, he phones the front desk and informs Funella that he can't come in - he's stubbed his toe (the big one). Funella nominates Furgus to fill in, but he's already falling asleep, leaving Funella to take over night manager duties. She tries to help the guests with some extra blankets and pillows, but ends up waking them up in the process, making them very displeased.

She sobs her woes to Isabel, waking her up too. She vows to keep things quieter and heads to the dining room to make sure Gonger stays quiet too. She ends up waking him up too and a miscommunication problem causes him to gong his gong. This not only awakens the Tea Time Monsters, but the rest of the guests as well. Elmo and Phoebe, woken up by the commotion, offer to help, but Funella insists they go back to bed. She accompanies Elmo to sing him a lullaby, while Phoebe meets some of the hotel's nocturnal guests.

Funella's lullaby puts Elmo and Phoebe to sleep, inspiring her to do the same for the entire hotel. She hires a band to perform a loud lullaby, which only wakes up everyone in the hotel. The guests threaten to check out permanently if there's any more disturbances. In need of a solution, Cookie Monster offers to serve as night manager, but realizes his cookie-eating is much too loud. Phoebe points out the nocturnal guests and suggests Funella tend to their needs while everyone else sleeps. As everyone heads back to bed, Funella throws a tea party in the garden for the nocturnal animals, then immediately falls asleep.


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