Fraggle Rock
Air Date June 11, 1984
Written by David Young
Director George Bloomfield

Mokey meets Agnes, a bright yellow "toe-tickler".

In his latest postcard, Traveling Matt embraces nature.

Mokey Fraggle meets a toe-tickling caterpillar in the Gorgs' garden near her quiet spot near the garden and saves it from the Gorgs' bug spray, but all of the caterpillar's friends join it in the caves of Fraggle Rock, where they eat everything in sight.

Meanwhile, Doc finds out that Sprocket has found a fossil where an excavation company is putting in a gas line for The Captain's Inn. Doc must find a way to have the gas company put the gas main in without harming the fossil bed.

Fraggle Facts

  • The caterpillars perform two ecological functions in the Gorgs' garden -- when they're young, they eat the little white flowers that turn into stinkweed, and when they mature, they turn into beautiful flying Purple Sproingers.


  • This was the last episode aired in the second season in 1984. After this episode, HBO aired repeats of the show until Christmas, when the third season began. However, the producers didn't take a season break at this point. They went on to make six more episodes, which aired as the first six episodes of the third season in early 1985, then took a summer break.
  • The lyrics for this episode's songs were written by B.P. Nichol, instead of the usual lyricist Dennis Lee.
  • This is the final episode in the UK co-production to feature The Captain, due to Fulton MacKay's death.


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